Aeroplane Monthly 1982-08
R.Riding - Middle Wallop 1938-1982
Middle Wallop today, with Gazelles and Sioux at their dispersal points, in April this year.
The picture was taken in July 1952 and shows the Auster 6s and Tiger Moths of the Army Light Aircraft School in the foreground. In the background can be seen the Spitfire LF XVIs of No 288 Sqn and several Oxfords.
TE357 was one of the Spitfire LF XVIs used by No 288 Sqn during the early 1950s.
One of two Hiller HTE2s borrowed from the Navy when Army Sycamores were grounded for a period in 1953.
The Sycamore after the incident.
Five AAC Skeeters during an open day flypast at Middle Wallop in July 1960.
An AAC Alouette 2 parks the mortal remains of a Skeeter onto a lorry during a demonstration at the July 1960 Middle Wallop open day.
Balliol WG215 was flown on GCI sorties.
An S-51 Dragonfly flown by both RAF and Army personnel at Middle Wallop.
An Army DHC 1 Chipmunk makes a perfect three-pointer at a Middle Wallop open day in July 1960.
The ML Utility inflatable wing air craft, known as the Flying Mattress, was assessed by the AAC and is seen here at the July 1960 open day at Middle Wallop.