Flight 1937-06
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ARMSTRONG WHITWORTH "WHITLEY" Two 790 h.p. Armstrong Siddeley "Tiger" engines
The Lysander climbing
The Avro 626 Trainer is readily adaptable for every branch of flying instruction. The photograph shows one of a number of these trainers recently supplied to the Brazil government. Avro training machines are now used by eighteen foreign governments.
Cockpits of Club Tiger Moth showing dual instrument panels. One machine is completely equipped tor Blind Flying.
A Hawker 'Osprey' (Rolls-Royce engine) of the Mediterranean catapult squadron
It is recognised that the business demands of airline operators are for the lowest possible operating costs. Accordingly the Airspeed "Envoy" is of particular interest because its robust construction reduces maintenance to a minimum; its medium powered engines, coupled with aerodynamically clean design give 20 or 30 miles more distance per hour and it flies steadily in all weather conditions so that schedules can be maintained without time loss. Money and time is saved when "Envoys" are operated.