Aeroplane Monthly 1974-10
Farnborough Spotlight
Concorde 01, the first pre-production aircraft, appeared at the show each day. The static aircraft, 002, was absent because of damage sustained before Farnborough.
The static display, looking west, with most of the crowd centred around the Lockheed Galaxy and SR-71A to the left of the photograph.
Majors Sullivan and Widdifield arriving at Farnborough after their record flight from New York to London in the SR-71A.
The Boeing Vertol CH-47C Chinook was provided by the US Army in Germany.
Alpha Jet 03 was one of two represented at Farnborough, and the fourth is due to fly in October 1974.
The fourth preseries A300 in Air France livery. Orders have now reached 48 and Air France have taken delivery of their third.
The two Learjets were Models 25B and 36, the 36 in the foreground being publicly shown outside the USA for the first time.
The Falcon 20 was represented by F-BSTR. A total of 323 have been ordered, of which 305 have been delivered.
BAC’s One Eleven 475 demonstrator, fitted with hush-kits to reduce engine noise.
The Hawker Siddeley Hawk and the McDonnell Douglas TF-15 Eagle, seen together during a pre-Farnborough photographic sortie.
View of XX154 in clean configuration, before vortex generators were added, to the wing upper surface. The strakes beneath the tail were added after initial flight trials, and the wing fences were later lengthened.
The Hawker Siddeley Hawk XX154, flown in RAF training colours by Duncan Simpson, had made only 9 flights before its Farnborough appearance.
The Short SD3-30 made its Farnborough debut with only 11 hr flying time. Three have been ordered by Command Airlines in America.
Still descending rapidly, the S-67 has now turned to port, with condensation trails forming at the tips of its rotor blades. It is over the grass, and its port wing is only inches from the ground.
The moment of impact, with the aircraft still travelling forward and large sections of broken rotor blades hurtling toward the camera.
Fire breaks out, and the helicopter finally stops, having slid along for about 50 yards. One of the two occupants was killed, Blackhawk had flown 700hr, completed 1,000 rolls and loops, pulled up to 3-3g and flown at 290kt before the crash.
The McDonnell Douglas TF-15 Eagle was ferried 2,800 n.m. from Loring AFB non-stop without refuelling, taking 5.4hr for the trip.
Two of the four Saab Viggens present came from the F7 wing at Satenas in Sweden where three squadrons are now operational.
The Beech Super King Air 200 made its first public appearance in this country.
Production Jaguar XX136 was exhibited with Jaguar S.1 representing its international variant. Orders for Jaguar worth £80m were announced during the show, including 12 aircraft for the Sultan of Oman's air force.