Air Pictorial 1999-12
W.Turner, C.Rosher - Hi-tech at Edwards
A former 28th Bomb Wing aircraft, the Rockwell B-1B Lancer of the 419th Flight Test Sqn on show, 85-082, incorporated this fin-tip antenna array, believed to be part of the Block D upgrade programme
A current Dryden programme is the X-38 lifting-body ‘lifeboat’ for the International Space Station, and NASA’s venerable NB-52B is presently undertaking flight trials with mock-ups.
The Open House static display at Edwards. In the foreground is NASA’s NC-130B, visiting from Ames-Moffett, San Francisco, dwarfed by one of the two 747 Shuttle-carriers in use and, in the centre, the famous NB-52B ‘008’.
Organising unit for Frisian Flag ’99 was No 323 Tactical Training Evaluation and Standardisation Sqn, one of whose F-16AMs is seen taking off from Leeuwarden AB.
A spirited display was flown by this F-16B of the AFFTC’s 6510th Test Wing. The ED tail code is worn by more aircraft types in the USAF inventory than any other.
The two flying Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor fighters currently under test at Edwards AFB
America’s future ‘supercruise’ fighter, the F-22 Raptor, made its public flying debut at the Edwards show, just after Congress agreed funds to continue the programme.
Edwards' B-52H with what appear to be AGM-129 Advanced Cruise Missiles on the underwing pylons.
The US Navy participated in the exercise with the Tomcats (shown), Hornets and Prowlers, flying in from the US 6th Fleet in the Mediterranean.
Celebrating 40 years of demonstration parachuting, the US Army’s Golden Knights team uses a fleet of six aircraft to perform more than 250 shows annually. This black, white and yellow F27 was the team’s mount at Edwards.
The US Navy participated in the exercise with the Tomcats, Hornets and Prowlers (shown), flying in from the US 6th Fleet in the Mediterranean.
NASA’s foreplane-configured NF-15B Eagle, used for advanced control technology investigation.
‘Barbie III’ is the world’s only flying B-25H, one of two Mitchell variants with a 75 mm M-4 gun in the nose.