Air Pictorial 1999-12
R.Lindsay - A Sharp Operation
No 58 Sqn, with Whitley bombers, flew operations from Linton against Norway, Holland and Germany beginning in April 1940, some aircraft sustaining considerable damage, yet making it home, such as S-Sugar.
Training stalwart, the NA Harvard
All-black Tucano ZF168 tucks in close to the author’s aircraft during the Blade Formation flight.
After painstaking effort, the ‘80’ is formed and flies sedately over Linton.
Part of the static display at the base in July 1999 to celebrate 1 FTS’ anniversary. The Avro 504 replica, Meteor F.8, Jet Provost T.4 and Hunter T.7 were all from the Yorkshire Air Museum at Elvington. At the end of the line is a Hawk T.1A and Slovenian Bell 412EP.
Sqn Ldr Hugh Tudor’s black-finned Meteor NF.14, WS841, of No 264 Sqn in 1954-55, some time after the squadron had retired its Mosquito NF.36s.
A No 1 FTS Jet Provost T.3A.
The Percival Prentice T.1, this one operated by 22 FTS in 1951
Mosquito NF.36 of No 264 Sqn