Air International 2018-03
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F-16C Fighting Falcon 91-0345/SW assigned to the 77th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan waits to be refuelled by a KC-135 Stratotanker from the 340th Expeditionary Air Refueling Squadron Det 1 over the skies of Afghanistan.
The Aviation Legere de I'Armee de Terre lost three Gazelle helicopters in two different accidents since the beginning of 2018.
B-52H Stratofortress aircraft enroute to a training range on Corsica. Four of America’s oldest strategic bomber were deployed to the UK in January 2018 to exercise a state of readiness at Fairford, which is designated by United States Air Forces in Europe as its forward operating location for strategic bombers.
Rafale C 128 receives a special tail for the SPA 162 centenary. The right side carried SPA 162's original insignia with the legend '1918 Once a tiger'.
The other side of the tail shows the current insignia plus the legend '2018 Always a tiger'.
The JL-9G was developed for training Navy pilots to launch and recover on a simulated land-based carrier deck, but due to structural issues, the JL-9G is unsuitable for arrested landings.
The 1st Training Regiment based at Jiyuan, the former Naval Aviation Training Base, was the first unit to operate the JL-9H in 2011 as an advanced jet trainer.
Since the JL-9G can only simulate launching from the carrier's ski-jump and cannot practice arrested landings, the type is expected to be replaced by a new carrier-capable trainer in the future.
The newly created Naval Aviation University reportedly accepted the first JL-10H in the last quarter of 2017. Three have been seen during early 2018.
Второй прототип BA609 в полете над Альпами. В отличие от V-22 кабина BA609 выполнена герметичной - полет на больших высотах для пассажиров BA609 более безопасен и комфортабелен.
BA609 - это представитель нового класса летательных аппаратов, у него почти нет конкурентов. С такой машиной авиаперевозчики получат поистине уникальные возможности. Возможно, с началом поставок BA609 будет дан старт новой эре коммерческих авиаперевозок.
The AW609 is a major Leonardo programme, whose civil and military certifications are expected in 2019.
Assembly of Forpost UAVs at UZGA in Yekaterinburg using Israeli-supplied kits.
The Forpost is a high-value reconnaissance asset used by the Russian military.
Sporting colours replicating those used by Russia on its latest Su-30SM Flanker H and Su-35S Flanker E fighters, F/A-18B Hornet BuNo 161924/AF12 seen in the low-fly network of southern California. The aircraft is assigned to Fighter Composite Squadron 12 (VFC-12) 'Fighting Omars', a reserve unit based at Naval Air Station Oceana, Virginia.
AW139 M.M. 81927 is the second of an order for six signed in December 2016 by the Italian Guardia di Finanza border and economic police. Another order for six more was signed in December 2017.
JL-8Hs previously assigned to the former Naval Aviation Air Academy's 4th Training Regiment were recently reassigned to the Naval Aviation University's 2nd and 3rd Training Regiments.
The Kh-58UShKE and the Kh-31AD will take a prominent place in the Su-57's arsenal. The Kh-31D is an anti-ship missile capable of flying at Mach 3.
Prototype Su-57, T-50-4, seen in 2014 loaded with two Kh-31 and two R-77-1 inert missile rounds on the underwing pylons used for aerodynamic carriage trials.
Flown by the 1st Training Regiment based at Huludao, the CJ-6 is used for basic flight training.
CJ-6s undergoing flight line maintenance.
Two-seat J-15s have been in Chinese Naval Aviation service since 2012. The type is thought to be fielded as a dedicated electronic warfare aircraft, similar to the American EA-18G Growler.
If Chinese Naval Aviation student pilots seek to aim high, flying the J-15 multirole fighter off a carrier might well suffice. A J-15 approached the flight deck of the Liaoning (16).
The J-15 is based on Russian Naval Aviation's Su-33 using the same structural configuration and flight control system, but most of its systems are domestically produced. The radar and weapon systems were originally developed for the J-11B. Two, of the 24 aircraft built, were lost.
The Orlan 10 is a UAV system with a 14kg maximum take-off weight, an operational radius up to 120km, an endurance up to 10 hours, and is used for a wide variety of ISR applications.
F-35B BF-02 tests landings on a sloped pad at Marine Corps Auxiliary Landing Field Bogue, North Carolina, on January 17, 2018. The Naval Air Station Patuxent River-based F-35 Integrated Test Force undertook a series of vertical landing maneuvers in simulated expeditionary conditions to expand the F-35B's capability to allow vertical landings with relaxed sloped surfaces.
The AWHero is a new tactical rotary wing UAV.