Air Pictorial 1973-06
H.Carter, D.Lee - Fly Navy - Tidewater, Virginia
Phantom Replacement Training Squadron for the Atlantic Fleet is VF-101 equipped with F-4Js
Visiting P-3B Orion 152752 "RQ4" of VP-46 "Grey Knights" from Moffett, California
HH-2D Seasprite 149016 is operated by the Oceana Station Flight
Lockheed XP2V-1 Neptune 89082 "Truculent Turtle" is on permanent display at Norfolk
These two KA-3B Sky warriors - 138929 "ND/632" and 142248 " AF/654" - of Naval Air Reserve Squadrons VAQ-308 add VAQ-208 respectively, from NAS Alameda, California, were photographed shortly before leaving Oceana for NAF Mildenhall, England, in connection with the NATO Exercise "Strong Express", held off Norway last September
An under-fuselage pack containing electro-optical sensors identifies this Intruder, 155688 "XE/20", as an A-6C of Air Development Squadron 5 (VX-5), NAF China Lake, California (Oceana detachment)
A-6A Intruders (155669 "AD/545" nearest) of Squadron VA-42 on the flight line at Oceana, where the photos on these two pages were taken
Training version of the Grumman Hawkeye, TE-2A 150530 "GE/725" is operated by Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron 120 (RVAW-120)
Filled with mine countermeasures equipment, Sikorsky CH-53A 153737 "DH/17" belongs to Squadron HM-12, the only unit of its kind in the U.S. Navy
Lockheed EC-121K 145939 "GD/10" of Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron 33 (VAQ-33) "Nighthawks".
Colour scheme of this target-towing US-2C Tracker, 133338 "JE/17", of Fleet Composite Squadron 2 (VC-2), is "midnite" blue with yellow wings, engine nacelles and tail. Fin colour is red
Carrier On-board Delivery C-1A Trader 146018 of Sqn. VRC-40
US-2D Tracker 148733, and others, of the Norfolk Station Flight
These Convair C-131Fs - 141026 and 141023 "JK" - belong to Fleet Tactical Support Squadron 1 (VR-1). Note the large freight door
A familiar sight in the Tidewater area before and during World War II was the Grumman Duck, which was produced in several hundreds for the U.S. Navy, Marines and Coastguard service. This preserved J2F-6, 7790, took part in the Transpo 72 display, held at Dulles International Airport, near Washington D.C., and was flown brilliantly by Frank Tallman - of "Movieland of the Air", Santa Ana, California
TC-4C Gulfstream 155729 "AD/577" of Squadron VA-42
As well as the Constellation variant shown opposite, Squadron VAQ-33 operates Skyhawks. Illustrated is TA-4F 152852 "GD/8"