Air International 2008-05
Aviation Photographer of the Year Competition 2008
This dramatic photograph of a Merlin HM.1 and a Sea King HC.4 was taken during the finale at the RNAS Yeovilton Air Day last year, by Michael Hill. The helicopters took part in a commando assault and the flames are a result of an 'attack' by Harrier GR.7s.
Darrell Wynne has captured the theme of a 'passion for aviation' in this timeless silhouette of four warbirds displaying at the Imperial War Museum's Duxford Airfield, Cambridgeshire.
Borders is located in one of only three areas in the UK where military aircraft are allowed to fly down to 100ft above ground level. This is where Andy Sheppard photographed this II (AC) Squadron Tornado GR.4
Heat haze from the F-22A Raptor's engines blur the background in Malcolm Hill's photograph of the USAF's premier combat aircraft.
AIR International's 2008 Aviation Photographer of the Year Competition winner is Michael Hiley, for his unusual fish-eye view of an Ilyushin Il-78 on approach to land at RAF Waddington, Lincolnshire.
Allen Thompson was Aviation Photographer of the Year in 2006 and his photograph of two of the Team Guinot Stearmans has won him a runner-up prize this year. His 'gritty' monochrome image is a montage using traditional film.
Condensation streams off the surfaces of this Rafale as it pulls up after a high-speed pass. Panning aircraft, while focusing at the same time, is demanding of the camera and photographer and Prati Massimo is to be congratulated on achieving this pin-sharp image.