Air Pictorial 1957-01
Air Pictorial's photo-review
VARIATIONS. Widely used for tandem-seat training and glider towing is the Polish C.S.S.13, a licence-built Russian PO-2 (NATO: "Mule").
MESSERSCHMITT Me 110G-4 equipped with FuGe 218 night fighting radar array on the nose. This is not the same Me 110G as shown at R.A.E., Farnborough, Oct.-Nov. 1946. This G-4 was displayed at R.A.F., Andover on Battle of Britain Day, 1956 - where it has been stored away for the past ten years.
This Autonetics-modified F-86A (49-1189; demonstrates the U.S.N.-developed "smoke puff" visual test system, released electronically by attacker via Autonetics weapons director system.
FRONT LINE MARKINGS. Like the Vampire T.Mk.11 this unusually garbed Meteor T.Mk.7 (WL388) is for instrument check-outs. Black and orange: 74 (F) Sqdn.
YET ANOTHER SKYRAIDER variant is this first production AD-7 (BuAer. 142010a) finished in "gull grey". Delivery commenced 1st August 1956.
TWENTY-ONE·YEAR OLDS. This Gerald Vultee designed and built eight-seat Model V-1A (with Panamanian letters HP158) dates from 1935/36 when, it is believed, it was owned by Hearst Publications Inc. (HC16099; construction number 25) and used as an executive transport.
ICELAND AIR DEFENCE FORCE is operated by M.A.T.S.-U.S.A.F. Note IADF lettering on this Keflavik-based Northrop F-89D Scorpion with wingtip missile pods.
VARIATIONS. Ambulance variant with enclosed cockpit and deepened rear fuselage for stretcher. Earlier ambulance PO-2 had two wing pods.
SQUADRON-SERVICE HAR. Mk. 5. One of the first illustrations of an all-yellow air rescue Westland Whirlwind HAR. Mk. 5 (XK987) which shows the wider tail rotor arm and "broken back" This HAR Mk.5 belongs to St. Mawgan, Cornwall-based No. 22 Squadron.
AVRO ASHTON 3. WB493 is used by Bristol Engines at Filton to test pylon-mounted reheat Olympus and Orpheus turbojets.
STILL-FLYING DOUGLAS O-38 two-seat observation biplane of the early 1930s operates regularly with the California Air National Guard - and retains pre-war Army Air Corps olive drab paintwork and old-style markings.
LIFEBOAT SHACKLETON MR.Mk.3. WR972 is first Avro Type 696 to have air rescue boat fitted to otherwise fully operational anti-sub. MR. Mk.3.
MARTIN P4M-1Q MERCATOR (124373) " PS3 " formerly TP3, is from N. African-based VQ-2 - Electronics Counter Measures Sqdn.
MOUNTAIN RESCUE METEOR 55B is latest version of the Italian Meteor (Lombardi) F.L.5 series. Four supplied to Switzerland.
TEMCO TT-1 is now in production for U.S.N. as primary jet trainer. Delivery, July this year. Prototype Model 51 (N78856) now in "trainer" colours.
CLIFTON TRIO MIDGET is a single-seat ultra-light (N73794) designed and built by the brothers Clifton and their father.
FRONT LINE MARKINGS. More usually finished in silver and yellow, this D.H.115 Vampire T. Mk. 11 (WZ518) wears the full colours of No. 14 (Fighter) Squadron.
PYRY II. Rare Finnish Valmet Pyry II tandem-seat advanced trainer (PY-36) . Power: 420-h.p. Wright R-795.
DAVIS D-1W (Warner radial) N12476 is a pre-war single-seater, one of several flying in the U.S.A. Weatherproof cover protects open cockpit on ground .
TWENTY-ONE-YEAR OLDS. First seen as long ago as 1935, the Potez 585 three-seat tourer is still going strong today. Skid now replaced by tailwheel.
CIVILIAN NORTHROP REPORTER (N5093V) ex-4559300, was U.S.A.F. F-15A Reporter used by N.A.C.A. Now being rebuilt at Torrance (Calif.) with parts of an EF-61C, 43-8357.