Air Pictorial 1977-03
McDonnell Douglas/Hawker Siddeley AV-8B Advanced Harrier airframe under test at NASA's Ames Research Centre. The first two prototype YAV-8Bs are due to fly next year
With titles both in English and Icelandic, Eagle Air's Boeing 720-022 TF-VLA paid its first visit to Stansted on 4/12/76
That the Rolls-Royce RB.211s which provide substantial and quiet power for the Lockheed TriStar need a lot of air can be judged from this view of the 7-ft. dia. centre engine intake. Nearly 140 TriStars have been delivered
Dassault Mirage F.1Cs ot the French Air Force's 30e Escadre de Chasse Tous-Temps, an all-weather fighter wing based at Rheims
Irish Helicopter Bell 212 EI-BAM, ex G-BCPY, at Newcastle 17/1/77 en route Dublin;
As reported last month the Sikorsky UH-60A has been declared the winner of the U.S. Army's UTTAS competition. A prototype YUH-60A is seen making use of its shock-absorbing tailwheel in a rough-field touch-down
Last of the nine Panavia Tornado prototypes, 09 X-587, seen at Aeritalia's flight test centre at Caselle, near Turin, flew on 5th February 1977
Howard Hughes climbs out of his H-1 Racer after setting a new U.S. transcontinental record in January 1937.
Overall view of the H-1
Russia's new 350-passenger airbus, the Ilyushin Il-86 prototype, CCCP-86000, made its first flight at Khodinka-Moscow on 22nd December. Engines are believed to be 28,500-lb. s.t. Kuznetsov turbofans. Main undercarriage includes a central bogie retracting into the fuselage
Lockheed L-400 Twin Hercules
An Austrian A.F. Pilatus Turbo-Porter in which the current black coding is used. Delivered in February 1976, ”3G:EB" was the second aircraft of a batch of twelve ordered to replace D.H. Canada Beavers
Bad new... for Fish Poachers, Dope Pedlars, Illegal Immigrants.
G-BEGC, shown at Manila 7/1/77, was one of the two Islanders erected in the Philippines and flown to Singapore in British marks;
Argosy 9Q-COA, ex XR136, at Ringway 12/76 leaving for Zaire
Gulf Air's Friendship G-AZFD at Abu Dhabi as A40-FD;
The Government of Iran's Falcon 20 EP-AGY, photographed recently at Abu Dhabi.
Another Falcon 20 also seen at Abu Dhabi, YK-ASA is operated by Syrianair
Artist's impression of the Dassault Falcon 20G, selected by the U.S. Coast Guard for medium-range surveillance; forty-one have been ordered.
D.H. Canada DHC-5D Buffalo FAE064 is one of two now in service with Ecuador's Air Force, which has also begun to take delivery of twelve Sepecat Jaguar Internationals
Gulf Air's One-Eleven G-AXMU at Sharjah with its new Omani registration A40-BU
Heron 2 CR-SAH at Leavesden 12/76 before going on to St. Lucia as VQ-LBA;
HS 125 Series 600B HZ-DAC recently delivered to Dellah Avco for maintenance work at 15 airfields in Saudi Arabia;
Re-equipment of No. 22 Squadron, R.A.F., with Westland Wessex HC.2s for search and rescue continues, with "C" Flight at Valley receiving its first aircraft, XS675, in November; note the squadron's badge on the fin
Due to fly this month the prototype Sikorsky S-76 was rolled out at Stratford, Connecticut, on 11th January. A new commercial helicopter, it can carry twelve passengers plus two crew and is powered by two 650-s.h.p. Allison 250-C30 turbo-shaft engines. Maximum speed is 155 knots
Navajo G-BBZB in service at Bahrein in Gulf Air colours
Based at Norwich and operated by Peters Aviation for N. J. Theriot, Navajo P HB-LGA was photographed at Newcastle on 24/1/77
R. E. Mitchell's KZ-8 G-AYKZ beside his new Acrostar N81AC which was delivered to Baginton as long ago as 2/7/76
Seneca G-BEIM was relettered JY-AFK at Kidlington 21/1/77 and left for Jordan 23/1/77;
Model of the "wide-bodied" BAC X-Eleven designed to seat 135-152 passengers and with a range of up to 2.000 n. miles.