Jane's All the World Aircraft 1976
05 - Air-launched Missiles
“Atoll" air-to-air missile under wing of Indian MiG-21. Of interest also is the GP-9 underbelly gun pack
Истребитель-перехватчик МиГ-19ПМ с ракетами РС-2-У.
MiG-19 with four of the missiles known to NATO as “Alkali” on underwing launchers
Shrike anti-radar missile on underwing rack of a McDonnell Douglas A-4E Skyhawk
Buccaneer carrying three TV Martels and a Martel systems pod
Sparrow being launched from a McDonnell Douglas F-15A Eagle air superiority fighter
MBB Kormoran missile under wing of F-104G Starfighter
Mockup installation of Penguin missile on F-104G aircraft
MBB-built AS.20 missile under wing of F-104G Starfighter ot Marinefliegergeschwader 1
Selenia Aspide-1A high-performance air-to-air missile under the wing of an F-104S fighter
Mounting an AIM-9C Sidewinder on an F-8 Crusader fighter
Martel missile on the underwing launcher of a Harrier V/STOL aircraft
Matra R.550 Magic short medium-range air-to-air missile on wingtip of Dassault Mirage F1
Super Frelon helicopter carrying two Exocet air-to-surface missiles
Four Hot missile launchers mounted on an Aerospatiale/Westland Gazelle helicopter
Sparrow missile on the Kaman NUH-2C experimental helicopter
SRAMs on rotary launcher being prepared for uploading into B-52
Проход Ту-95К на воздушном параде
Tupolev Tu-95 (“Bear-B”) with AS-3 “Kangaroo” air-to-surface missile
YAIM-54A Phoenix pre-production missile, with F-14A Tomcat launch aircraft
AGM-78A version of Standard ARM under the wing of a Grumman A-6 Intruder
Two Saab RB05A missiles on the inboard underwing pylons of a Saab 105
Hellfire development rounds on the wingtip pylons of a Bell AH-1G HueyCobra
The "Badger-G" version of the Tupolev Tu-16, with two "Kelt" missiles on underwing launchers
AS-5 “Kelt” rocket-powered air-to-surface stand-off missile, developed from “Kennel” under port wing of Tu-16 bomber
Aerospatiale AS.11 air-to-surface missiles on a British Army Scout helicopter
Aerospatiale AS.12 air-to-surface missile installation on a Wasp helicopter
Minuteman I ICBM leaving hold of C-5A during air-launch trial on 24 October 1974
SRAAM launchers under wings of a two-seat Hawker Siddeley Harrier V/STOL aircraft
Red Top infra-red air-to-air missile on Lightning
Bantam missile being fired from a Saab Supporter light attack aircraft
Saab RB04E air-to-surface guided missile mounted under belly of AJ 37 Viggen
AB 204AS helicopter adapted tor ground launching Marte missile
Test firing a Marte missile from an AB 204AS helicopter in flight