Air International 2017-06
J.Kraak - French Air Power /Military/
An E-3F from EDCA O/36 refuels during one of the Operation Chammal deployments undertaken by the type since September 2014.
A C-135FR refuels a Rafale B from the Armee de I’Air and an Aeronavale Rafale M.
French and German medical staff train on board a C-135FR outfitted with the MORPHEE mobile intensive care unit.
A Mirage 2000-5 from EC 1/2 ‘Cigognes’ loaded with an inert MICA air-to-air missile is put in a shelter at BA116 Luxeuil after an early afternoon mission.
An Armee de l'Air Rafale configured with three external fuel tanks and two SCALP missiles. Aeronavale Rafales only carry one SCALP missile on the centerline station.
A total of 45 TALIOS pods will be acquired by the DGA to replace older types of designator pods used by the Armee de I’Air and the Aeronavale.
Armee de I’Air personnel load a RECO NG pod to the centreline station of a Rafale prior to a reconnaissance mission over Iraq or Syria.
An ALAT Puma helicopter in the Sahel region for Operation Barkhane. Note the MAG-58 machine gun for self-protection.
The French Special Forces squadron ET 3/61 ‘Poitou’ flew missions with the C-160 and C-130 over Mali equipped with the Wescam MX-15i (depicted) and the MX-20.
An MQ-9 Reaper, assigned to ED 1/33, during an Operation Barkhane mission over Niger.
The first visit of an Armee de I'Air A400M to Iraq (Bagdad and Erbil) took place on April 23, 2017.
An AS555AN with snipers on board during a Mesures Actives de Surete Aerienne exercise in March 2017.
A Caracal from EH 1/67 ‘Pyrenees’ banks above the water near BA120 Cazaux during an exercise with Armee de I’Air divers. Since April 2017, the Caracal is responsible for the SAR alert at Cazaux.
A Mirage 2000N assigned to EC 2/4 ‘Lafayette’ taking off from its base in Jordan carrying four GBU-12s, a weapon payload validated by the CEAM in 2015. Note the Magic 2 air-to-air missile for self-protection.
A Mirage 2000D pilot conducts pre-flight checks with a mechanic. The Mirage 2000D can carry one SCALP missile.
A Mirage 2000D with full afterburner on its way to the Diane range near BA126 Solenzara on the island of Corsica.
A Rafale B from the Escadron de Chasse et d'Experimentation 1/30 ‘Cote d'Argent’ taking off for another Chammal mission, carrying four GBU-12s and a Damocles designator pod.
A Rafale M from 12F with live GBU-12 bombs during one of the first flights for Operation Chammal in April 2017.