Air Pictorial 1958-08
D.McKay - The FIAT Story (3)
CR 32 quater, developed from the CR 30.
The CR 30 fighter;
G 50, the first Fiat monoplane fighter.
World War II bomber, the BR 20;
The diesel-powered AN I;
The CR 42;
G 12 transport.
G 212CP (note duplication of registration with G 18V);
The CR 25 escort fighter;
C.M.A.S.A.-built Wal, the MF 5;
Licence-built F 86K.
G 82 trainer;
The TR I two-seat tourer.
The first Fiat trimotor, the BRG bomber;
Schneider seaplane the C 29;
The G 2 six-passenger transport.
The G 5 trainer of 1933;
The G 8 trainer;
G 46-4B two-seat trainer;
C.M.A.S.A. MF 4 reconnaissance flying-boat;
The CR 40, forerunner of the CR 42
The CR 41 developed from the CR 40;
C.M.A.S.A. MF 6 seaplane;