Aeroplane Monthly 1991-07
M.Oakey - Grapevine
The Old Flying Machine Company’s new Vought FG-1D Corsair, BuNo 88391/N55JP Big Hog, made its debut at North Weald’s Fighter Meet on May 18, 1991. Acquired from Doug Arnold, the Corsair is a genuine ex-RNZAF airframe and will be repainted accordingly.
No, not quite a genuine Messerschmitt Bf 109, but the Chino Air Museum’s Hispano Buchon N700E. Although still powered by a Rolls-Royce Merlin, it has had its spinner and cowling contours modified to remove the characteristic Buchon pot-belly and make it look a little more like a Bf 109G.
Another Skysport project, the Historic Aviation Collection of Jersey’s ex-Tallmantz Nieuport 28, G-BSKS, made its first post-restoration flight on May 6, 1991 in the hands of Stuart Goldspink at Henlow. Nine days later it went to France to take part in the Sails Collection airshow at La Ferte-Alais. It is painted in the colours of the American Expeditionary Force’s 95th Aero Squadron.
A pair of USAAF 4th Fighter Group Mustangs taking off from a World War Two UK airbase in ... 1991. North Weald was the setting; the P-51s were Spencer Flack’s 45-11371/N1051S (left) and newly-imported 44-74008/N51RR, brought from the USA by Robs Lamplough and recently sold to David Gilmour of the rock group Pink Floyd.
Another participant in the Salis Collection airshow at La Ferte-Alais on May 18-19, 1991 was the French Memorial Flight’s original Spad XIII 4377 which also made its maiden flight on May 4.
The Duxford-based Old Flying Machine Company's Mitsubishi Zero replica (nee Harvard) N15799 takes off in its new colours, representing an aircraft flying from Rabaul.
RAF Museum Hawker Tempest II HA457 is up on its wheels again at Duxford, its static restoration by The Fighter Collection (TFC) proceeding apace. As part of a reciprocal deal, TFC will get Hendon’s Sea Fury VX653 for restoration to flying condition.
Eberhardt Fritsch's superb Fokker Dr I replica made its first flight at La Ferte-Alais on May 4, 1991 - and then shattered its propeller while taking off there during the airshow on May 19, a split second after the photograph was taken.
Many well-preserved components have been found, including the trimmer unit, Ki-Gass pump, firing button and emergency undercarriage release lever seen below.
One of 20 Hawker Typhoon engine bulkheads recovered from a dump site in Gloucestershire recently.
At Micheldever, restorer Dick Melton is in the process of realising a 30yr dream: to restore a Supermarine Walrus to flying condition. He acquired the remains of W2718, shown, in 1989 - its forward fuselage had been converted into a caravan in the late Fifties, and its rear fuselage into a car to tow it.
Exquisite Sopwith Dove reproduction G-EAGA, newly completed for Roger Reeves by Skysport Engineering at their base near Sandy in Bedfordshire. The first flight was imminent as this issue went to press.