Air Pictorial 1992-01
Return to Halesworth. American Artist Gil Cohen captures the moment when Colonel Walker “Bud" Mahurin is congratulated by his crew chief on becoming the first American Fighter Ace in the European Theatre to achieve 20 victories. As a tribute to the 56th Fighter Group and Mahurin in particular this work is quite outstanding.
The spectacular Massed Helicopter Approach will once again be a centre-piece of the Army Air Corps' International Air Show at Middle Wallop.
The Melton Spitfire. Spitfire of 611 Squadron in 1942 which was paid for by donations collected in Melton Mowbray and District.
The reconstructed remains of BL 655 showing the memorial plaque to its pilot Norman Watt.
DEPART IN PEACE by Geoffrey Lea. Autographed by Spitfire Test Pilot Jeffrey Quill, OBE, AFC, FRAeS, this print depicts Spitfire AB910 which still flies with the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.
Tornado GR.1A's of No.II (Army Co-operation) Squadron lined up at RAF Marham after their arrival on 3rd December 1991.
Tornado GR.1A's of No.II Squadron seen arriving at RAF Marham on Tuesday 3rd December 1991 after re-locating from their former base of RAF Laarbruch in Germany.
No II Squadron RAF GR1A Tornados are tended by maintenance crews soon after their arrival at Marham in December 1991.
Brig Gen Frederick Buckingham, Deputy Commander, Warner Robins Air Logistics Centre (left) and Lockheed pilot Bob Hill test fly a C-130 fitted with an electronic flight station.
Unsung Hero. The print depicts a Hercules C.Mk 1P operating from a forward airstrip in Kuwait during Operation Granby, in support of the 1st Armoured division.
A high flying Spitfire Mk VII, MD124, taken at Boscombe Down. Note pointed wing tips and broad chord rudder.
Time to Relax. With one engine out a Lancaster returns as the dawn breaks over Bottesford Airfield in Leicestershire.
Beverleys over Kilimanjairo. Two Blackburn Beverleys of 30 Squadron RAF in Africa during 1963.
Since the foundation of the FFA a great number of activities have been organised including an exhibition on the F27 in the Aviodome Museum, the restoration of the PH-FCX 1083 in front of the Aviodome, establishment of a quarterly magazine dedicated to the F27, and, to commemorate the 35th birthday of the F27, a First Flight Memorial on 24 November 1990 and an F27 Fly-in at Lelystad during the Lelystad Airshow on 25 May 1991.
Former Scottish European HS748 G-BPDA has been refurbished at Exeter for Janes Aviation which has a contract with Lynx Carriers. The aircraft, pictured by Rod Sayer as it was being prepared for delivery, now carries a Lynx on the tail.
United Nations was formed in January 1942. This Jetstream 31 HB-AEB is operated by Zimmer Aviation, Zurich for the UN.
The Ghana Air Force Skyvan 3M, G455 'F', pictured here has been totally refurbished by Airwork at Hurn. This is the third example completed from the quartet originally received.
SYNCHRO-SPLIT by Mark Postlethwaite. The official 1991 picture of The Red Arrows showing the team over Silverstone at the British B Grand Prix.
THE first AMRAAM (Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile) incorporating improvements developed under the AMRAAM Producibility Enhancement Programme was launched successfully from a US Ar Force F-15 recently over White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico. In the photo, the missile leaves the launch rail and in the lower accelerates past the nose of the aircraft.
Vintage Cessna 140, G-BPHW was test flown by John Pothecary, at Shoreham at the end of November 1991 after a partial rebuild. The four month rebuild was needed after the aircraft tipped on to its nose when landing at Parham in June. Air South carried out the repairs to the wings, engine bearers, boot cavity and other areas to make the vintage Cessna airworthy again.
The former Portuguese Air Force Chipmunk Mk20 OO-NPO (Ex No 1372) was donated by the Portuguese MoD to the NATO Aero Club in Brussels, and delivered by C-130 two years ago. It is seen here at Airwork undergoing a check.
The first Skyfox VH-LHD arrived at Biggin Hill by road in November 1991 after being shipped from Queensland, Australia to Felixstowe. Basically a Kitfox, the airframe has had 50 modifications to strengthen the aircraft and make it suitable for use as a two seat trainer. Thirty-five of the factory built Skyfoxes are now flying in Australia where the type has received certification. Skyfox Aviation, based at Biggin Hill, is to use VH-LRB as a demonstrator. Don Conway's picture shows the aircraft with its quick release doors removed.