Airbus A320neo
Airbus - A320neo - 2014 - International
Страна: International
Год: 2014

The first flight of the A320neo took place from the Airbus facility at Toulouse on May 19, 2015.
19 мая 2015г. в Тулузе совершил первый полет пассажирский лайнер A320NEO с турбовентиляторными двигателями LEAP-1A разработки и производства CFM International. Самолет пилотировали летчики-испытатели Филипп Перри и Малкольм Редли (Philippe Perrin, Malcolm Ridley).
The Airbus A320neo began noise tests at Moron AB in Spain on April 9, 2015. The European company previously used the base, near Seville, to conduct the same trials for its A380 and A350 XWB during their respective flight test and certification campaigns.
A320neo D-AVYA (msn 6286) was one of the flight test aircraft powered by Pratt & Whitney PurePower PW1100G-JM turbofans.
One of the Pratt & Whitney PW1100G-JM-powered A320neos during flight testing. The initial example of the neo powered by this engine option was due for delivery to Lufthansa by the end of January 2016.
The baseline A320neo variant seats 165 two-class or up 194 maximum and has a range of 3,500 nautical miles.
The Pratt & Whitney PW1100G-JM-powered A320neo received type certification, with deliveries to Lufthansa, IndiGo and Qatar Airways expected soon.
Airbus predicts healthy future demand for airliners over the next 20 years, although in the long term the A380 is not one of the products on offer.
AIRBUS HAS confirmed its Skywise open data and digital services platform is now in use on more than 6,000 aircraft worldwide.
Airbus airliners in formation with the Patrouille de France off the southwestern French coast in late May 2019.
Large engine fan diameters, 81in (2.057m) on the PW1127G-JM and 78in (1.981m) on the LEAP-1A, are one of the principal visual features of the A320neo variants.
F-WNEO moments after departing on its first test flight on September 25, 2014.
French government funding will be used to research a hybrid successor to the A320.
Jonsson revealed that the smaller A320neo will also feature in the operator's future fleet
Airbus A320-271N(WL) F-WNEO was rolled out on July 1, 2014 after painting in corporate colours. It is the first of eight A320neo family airliners that will participate in the flight test and certification campaign.
The Pratt & Whitney PurePower PW1100G-JM geared-turbofan engine has an 81-inch fan tip diameter.
Providing around 4% of the A320neo’s 15% fuel burn reduction on previous-generation A320s are the Sharklet wingtip devices, initially introduced as a retrofit for A320ceos.
16 октября 2017г. фирмы Airbus SE и Bombardier Inc. подписали соглашение о партнерстве по программе самолетов Bombardier серии C. Airbus получит 50.01% акций CSALP (С Series Aircraft Limited Partnership - предприятия, которое производит и продает C-Series). Bombardier и Investissement Quebec (IQ) будут владеть приблизительно 31% и 19% акций, соответственно.
The C Series with its 108-160-seat capacity complements the larger A320neo in Airbus' single-aisle line-up.
From left to right Flight Test Engineer Manfred Birnfeld, Test Flight Engineer Jean-Paul Lambert, Pilot Etienne Miche De Malleray, Flight Test Engineer Sandra Bour Schaeffer and pilot Philippe Pellerin.
A320neo - еще один самолет из почтенного семейства
Airbus A320neo 9H-NEO (msn 7875) is the first A320neo to enter service with Air Malta and has been painted into a special scheme featuring Nickelodeon cartoon characters. The jet was originally earmarked for Capital Airlines in China, but it did not take delivery and is now leased to the Maltese flag carrier.
Air Seychelles has welcomed its initial A320neo, S7-VEV (msn 8972), named 'Veuve' after a critically endangered bird, on lease from CDB Aviation. The airline is the first African carrier to operate the A320neo and the S7-VEV is the first new aircraft to enter service with the carrier since a Boeing 767-300 delivered 18 years ago.
Air Seychelles is one of several smaller Asia-Pacific carriers to join the Vanilla Alliance.
International Consolidated Airlines Group's (IAG) cash costs run at around €60m (S65m) a day.
EasyJet, which recently took delivery of its first A320neo G-UZHA (msn 7649), is one of the early adopters of the Airbus Skywise system, using it for fleet-wide predictive maintenance.
Lufthansa and easyJet A320neos, D-AINZ (c/n 9442) and G-UZHF (c/n 8193), inaugurated the new hub
Trials took place on the apron as well as in the terminal.
Lufthansa and easyJet were the first two carriers to land at the newly opened gateway
This easyJet A320neo, G-UZHW (msn 8759), is the first of 100 A320s to have FANS-C avionics.
Lockdown means Luton-based easyJet is focusing on select UK routes
EasyJet wants decisions on travel precautions to be “kept in proportion to the threat”
The UK low-cost carrier easyJet has topped-up its Airbus A320neo order by signing up for 17 more A320neos.
The CFM International LEAP-1A is one of two engine options on the A320neo variants, pictured here on easyJet's first A320neo delivered in 2017.
CFM International produces 3D-printed nozzles for LEAP engines
SAF in use at London/Gatwick Airport, as part of a collaboration between QSAviation, easyJet, Gatwick and Neste
Saudi operator flyadeal plans to purchase 30 more A320neos
GoAir's first A320neo, VT-WGA (msn 7047), on a test flight from Toulouse fitted with PW1100G-JM geared-turbofan engines.
IndiGo and GoAir A320neo aircraft suffered aborted take-offs (two and one respectively) as a result of the PW1100G-JM geared-turbofan knife-edge seal issue.
A320neo launch operator Lufthansa has recently topped-up its order for the type.
Lufthansa putting its first A320neo into service on a rainy morning on flight LH100 from Frankfurt to Munich was a low-key affair. The neo's PW1100G-JMs are the major external difference from A320ceos.
SAS has applied a decal to Airbus A320neo SE-ROA (msn 7602) promoting 'The Rain', a Danish post-apocalyptic TV series on Netflix.
Chilean low-cost airline SKY presented its initial Airbus A320neo, CC-AZC (msn 8444), leased from the Air Lease Corporation, in October 2018. The jet is the first brand-new aircraft to be operated by the carrier and is operating services from Santiago to Arica and Punta Arenas.
Airbus has confirmed plans to ramp-up production of its A320 Family to 63 aircraft per month. The company said last year it was studying the possibility of hiking output of its single-aisle range and it says it is aiming to achieve this rate in 2021. The company said it is "on track" to achieve an interim rate increase to 60 jets per month, up from the current 57/month rate, in the middle of this year.
Deliveries of A320neos are picking up. By October 2016, 24 had been delivered (up from 16 a month earlier), including the first for the Mexican carrier Viva Aerobus, pictured here (F-WWDY, msn 7060, to become XA-VIV). Another recent delivery was the first aircraft for a US carrier, Spirit Airlines' N901NK (msn 6833).
Wizz Air began A320 and A321 flights to Lithuania and Romania in October 2019.
AIRBUS CORPORATE Jets performed the first flight of its ACJ320neo large cabin business aircraft in Hamburg on November 16, 2018.
Acropolis Aviation Chief Pilot Phil Lintott-Clarke, ACJ President Benoit Defforge and Acropolis Aviation CEO Jonathan Bousfield, pictured with the first ACJ320neo.
Airbus Corporate Jets unveiled the first ACJ320neo (new engine option) D-AWL (msn 8403) corporate jet on August 16, 2018. Painted in Airbus Corporate Jets' house colours, the aircraft will be delivered to the UK's Acropolis Aviation by the end of 2018. It will fly to AMAC Aerospace's facility in Basle, Switzerland, where it will be outfitted with a cabin designed by Alberto Pinto and repainted in Acropolis Aviation's colours before entering service. Powered by CFM International LEAP-1A engines, the first ACJ320neo is due to fly for the first time in September or October.
The workforce of Comlux Completion in front of the recently delivered Airbus ACJ320neo at Indianapolis
COMLUX HAS taken delivery of the first of three ACJ320neo aircraft it has on order at a ceremony in Hamburg on March 22, 2019.
Lufthansa became the A320neo’s launch customer after Qatar Airways refused to accept its first aircraft, reportedly due to shortcomings of the new PW1100G-JM engines.
Issues with the Pratt & Whitney PurePower PW1100G-JM have disrupted deliveries to several operators, including Spirit Airlines.
The Tianjin Final Assembly Line for the A320
THE AIRBUS single-aisle final assembly line at Tianjin, China, has recently marked its tenth anniversary.
Airbus has opened a fourth A320 production line in Hamburg featuring two seven-axis robots and mobile tooling platforms.
AIRBUS HAS inaugurated a new link in its international transport infrastructure that carries major A320 Family subassemblies from Europe to the United States.
Robots on the new fourth production line in Hamburg, opened this year. Airbus wants to increase automation to speed up assembly and in turn increase delivery rates.
The first ACJ320neo large cabin corporate jet is now undergoing final assembly at Airbus’ facility in Hamburg. It is due to be delivered to launch customer Acropolis Aviation in the third quarter of 2018.
Airbus has introduced greater automation into producing A320 Family aircraft in Hamburg.
A borescope boss for an A320neo’s PW1100G-JM engine, manufactured by MTU Aero Engines using an EOS-supplied 3D printing machine
19 ноября 2018г. в Гамбурге состоялся первый полет самолета ACJ 320neo, представляющего собой корпоративную версию популярного авиалайнера A320neo.
Standard operating procedures are an integral part of commercial aviation operations.
Initially installed at Patria's Helsinki-Malmi facility, the A320 fixed base simulator was transported to and reinstalled in the new building complex at Pirkkala.
Lufthansa’s A320neos have 180 seats, 12 more than the carrier's current A320s.
Lufthansa A320-family aircraft equipped with an Airspace cabin
Parts of the A330neo’s cabin climate control system are 3D-printed
The interior of the first Airbus ACJ320neo recently delivered to Acropolis Aviation at Farnborough, Hampshire, following the type's outfitting by AMAC Aerospace.
In April 2022, AerCap signed lease agreements for ten new Airbus A320neo aircraft and two new Airbus A330neo aircraft with ITA
Air Arabia is the Middle East's longest-established low-cost carrier Airbus
IndiGo has purchased more Airbus A320neos than any other customer, with orders totalling 730 examples.
Chilean ultra-low-cost-carrier JetSmart started operations in July 2017; the carrier has been set up by low-cost specialists Indigo Partners, which also controls Volaris, Wizz Air and Frontier.
Peach Airlines has ordered 13 more A320 Family aircraft (13 A320neos, three A320ceos).
The Florida-based low-cost carrier Spirit Airlines has agreed a memorandum of understanding with Airbus for up to 100 A320neo Family aircraft comprising a mix of A319neo, A320neo and A321neo aircraft. Spirit Airlines said the additional aircraft will be used to support network expansion across the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean.
An artist's impression of an A320neo military derivative configured for maritime surveillance showing, under the fuselage, a radar radome and a multispectral sensor turret, and anti-ship missiles on the underwing pylons.