Flight 1939-06
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A photograph of Whitley heavy bomber main spar assembly
The photograph referred to by Mr. V. H. Doree.
SEVEN-FIFTY FROM PARIS: An attractive photographic effect of floodlights on a British Airways Electra, which had just completed the last of the day’s six journeys to and from Le Bourget. The company will very shortly be taking delivery of the first of its Lockheed 14s.
The first of eight H.P.42s supplied to Imperial Airways, who ordered the machines "off the drawing board." The “42” will go down in aviation history as a really outstanding aeroplane.
H.P. inherently stable monoplane 1911
Consolidated Aircraft Corporation’s New long-range, 52-passenger Flying Boat introduced the 18-cylinder 2000 H.P. Wright Duplex-Cyclone aircraft engine.