Air Pictorial 1957-09
J.Stevens - Farnborough 1957
Comet 3;
Sea Vixen
A Hunter Mk. 6 showing the "dog tooth " leading edges which will be fitted to all marks;
The Sea Venom Mk.22.
The Westland Widgeon;
A Blackburn Beverley of Transport Command.
The Twin Pioneer;
The Handley Page Victor;
The Avro Vulcan B.I, a second version of which. the B.2. may fly at the Display.
The nose cone of the English Electric P.1B (XA847) can be clearly seen in this photograph. Note also the dive brake outline just below and ahead of the fin leading edge.
Vickers Viscount
The Britannia 312;
Heron Mk. 2;
Swift Mk .7 with Fairey Fireflashs under both wings;
Fairey Rotodyne which is nearly complete;
Miles H.D.M.105
Jet Provost
The Auster Agricola.
The Aviation Traders Accountant which recently made its first flight.
Edgar Percival E.P.9
The M.100 Student.
The M.L. Utility Monoplane;
An artist's impression of the Eland-powered Westminster.