Boeing P-8 Poseidon
Boeing - P-8 Poseidon - 2009 - США
Страна: США
Год: 2009

Р-8 Poseidon: самолетами P-8A, разработанными на основе 737-800, намечено с 2013 года заменить Р-3 Orion ВМС США. Первый Р-8 выполнил первый полет 25 апреля 2009 года. Полностью оснащенный штатным оборудованием самолет будет иметь внутренний отсек вооружения, что позволит использовать его не только в качестве патрульного, но и как бомбардировщик. ВМС США заказали 108 P-8A, есть информация о заключении в середине 2008 года контракта с Индией на поставку восьми P-8I. ВМС США также рассчитывают использовать P-8A как пилотируемый компонент системы BAMS (Broad Area Maritime Surveillance) в кооперации с БЛА RQ-4 Global Hawk.
Опытный самолет Boeing P-8A Poseidon, T-1,во время летных испытаний (25 апреля 2009 года). Полет продолжался 3 часа 31 минуту, T-1 достиг высоты 7620 м.
После первого полета Р-8 начались летные испытания самолета, в котором, в первую очередь, заинтересованы ВМС США. Не исключается возможность экспорта Р-8 в Индию, Австралию и Канаду.
Boeing P-8A Poseidon BuNo 168435 soon after its arrival at Boeing Field/King County International Airport, Washington. It is the next example of the aircraft due to be delivered to the US Navy.
Boeing P-8A Poseidon BuNo. 168755/‘755' was the first of its kind to visit RAF Mildenhall, Suffolk. It arrived on September 5, 2014 and departed two days later. The maritime aircraft is assigned to Patrol Squadron Thirty (VP-30) Pro’s Nest', the fleet replacement unit for the P-8A, based at NAS Jacksonville, Florida. Produced as the second of 11 ordered under the Low Rate Initial Production III contract, it was delivered to the unit on July 31. A total of 16 have been delivered with the latest handover, BuNo. 168756, announced on August 26. The US Navy has ordered 61 PSAs out of a total requirement for 117.
P-8A BuNo 169329/329 waiting for departure clearance from runway 25 at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, Washington.
A P=8A Poseidon assigned to Patrol Squadron 4 (VP-4) 'Skinny Dragons' at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island; ten P-8 aircraft are included in the FY2019 NDAA.
Patrol Squadron 10 (VP-10) ‘Red Lancers' based at Naval Air Station Jacksonville, Florida started its transition from the P-3C Orion to the P-8A Poseidon in February 2015. Assigned to Commander Patrol and Reconaissance Wing 11, VP-10 was the fifth of six squadrons to transition. P-8A BuNo 168764/LD764 seen at Naval Air Station Fallon, Nevada in mid-February, features full-colour tail markings.
P-8A Poseidon - дебютант авиашоу
P-8A Poseidon BuNo 167952/'JA' is assigned to Air Test and Evaluation Squadron 1 (VX-1) 'Pioneers’ based at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland. VX-1 has deployed its P-8s to a variety of locations worldwide during the type's initial operational test and evaluation. This shot was taken at RAF Leuchars, Fife in October 2012 during Exercise Joint Warrior.
P-8A Poseidon BuNo 168430 assigned to Patrol Squadron 16 (VP-16) 'War Eagles' flies over NAS Jacksonville.
Patrol Squadron 16 (VP-16) ‘Eagles’ made the maiden deployment of the P-8A in December 2013 to the US 7th Fleet area of operations. At the end of that tour of duty, the Eagles had flown over 3,800 hours in 369 sorties.
Над Кульбакино проходит самолет P-8A «Посейдон» из 9-й патрульной эскадрильи авиации ВМС США
P-8A Poseidon выполняет облет авианосной ударной группы во главе с ABMA "Энтерпрайз" во время учения "Bold Alligator 2012" - крупнейшего военно-морского учения за последние 10 лет.
P-8A "Посейдон"
T3 dispenses flares over the Atlantic Test Range during a mission flown from NAS Patuxent River, Maryland.
Air Test and Evaluation Squadron 20 (VX-20) P-8A Poseidon test aircraft BuNo 167954 releases a Mk54 torpedo.
T3 seen dropping a Mk54 torpedo (top) and sonobuoys over the Atlantic Test Range during weapons separation trials flown by Air Test and Evaluation Squadron 20 (VX-20) from NAS Patuxent River, Maryland.
US Navy P-8A Poseidon BuNo 168764 flown by Patrol Squadron 26 drops a sonobouy while hunting a submarine.
Two AGM 84 Harpoon test missiles release from VX-20 P-8A Poseidon BuNo 167953 during a weapons separation test.
P-3C Orion BuNo 158204 assigned to Air Test and Evaluation Squadron 20, flew in formation with the squadron's first P-8A Posedion when aircraft T1 BuNo 167951 arrived at NAS Patuxent River on April 10, 2010.
P-8A test aircraft BuNo 167954 makes the first aerial refuelling contact with the Speckled Trout KC-135R 61-0320 during a test sortie flown from Edwards Air Force Base, California.
Over the period February 27 to April 14, 2018 members from the Aircraft Research and Development Unit and 33 Squadron deployed to Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Maryland, to undertake clearance testing between the KC-30A and the Poseidon P-8A aircraft. Testing was jointly planned and executed by ARDU and Air Test and Evaluation Squadron 20 (VX-20).
P-8A Poseidon test aircraft BuNo 167954 during an air refuelling test sortie with KC-135R 61-0320, the tanker assigned to the 412th Test Wing based at Edwards Air Force Base, California.
Patrol Squadron 8 (VP-8A) 'Fighting Tigers’ is one of five front line P-8A Poseidon squadrons assigned to Commander Patrol and Reconnaissance Wing 11 (CPRW-11) based at Naval Air Station Jacksonville, Florida.
Patrol Squadron 30 (VP-30) 'Pro's Nest' based at Jacksonville is the P-8A Poseidon Fleet Replacement Squadron.
Next year, the RAF is expected to receive the first of nine Boeing P-8A Poseidon maritime surveillance aircraft, which will enter RAF service with 120 Squadron based at RAF Lossiemouth, Moray.
Boeing P-8A Poseidon BuNo 167953/‘953’ is one of three of the type with Air Test and Evaluation Squadron 20 (VX-20) based at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland. It is the sole example to wear the unit’s markings on its tail and is seen on approach to NAS Pont Mugu, California, on February 3, 2014. All three P-8As currently assigned to VX-20 (the others being BuNo.167951 and 167954) will remain used for test duties rather than being delivered to operational units.
Based at RAF Lossiemouth, Moray in Scotland, P-8A T6 BuNo 167956 participated in the UK's Joint Warrior exercise for the first time in April 2012.
Aircraft BuNo 169009/009 touching down on runway 25 at Whidbey. This particular airframe is the VP-4 commander's machine and sports colour Skinny Dragon markings and the YD tail code.
P-8A T4 BuNo 167952 seen at RAF Leuchars, Fife in October 2012 during Exercise Joint Warrior. The aircraft flew a series of missions from the Scottish base as part of the type's initial operational test and evaluation.
An Aviation Electronics Technician de-ices a P-8A Poseidon at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island during VP-4's fleet readiness training.
An aviation electronics technician, assigned to Patrol Squadron 16 (VP-16) ‘War Eagles’, prepares to launch a P-8A Poseidon aircraft at NAS Jacksonville, Florida.
P-8A BuNo 169004/004 commencing engine start on the flight line at Whidbey Island, Washington.
Naval Airman assigned to Patrol Squadron 16 (VP-16) 'War Eagles', direct a P-8A Poseidon on the flight line at NAS Jacksonville.
P-8A BuNo 168428 seen at the ceremony to introduce the Poseidon into Patrol Squadron 30 (VP-30) 'Pro's Nest’ at NAS Jacksonville, Florida on March 28, 2012.
P-8A Poseidon test aircraft BuNo 167956 assigned to Air Test and Evaluation Squadron 1 (VX-1) ‘Pioneers’ at RAF Lossiemouth during Exercise Joint Warrior.
Boeing P-8A BuNo 167961 moving along the taxiway at Boeing Field on April 11, 2014, carrying the AAS sensor.
P-8As BuNo 167952 (T4) and BuNo 167955 (T5) on the flight line at MCB Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii during the biennial Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) exercise held June 29 - August 3, 2012. Staged around the Hawaiian Islands, RIMPAC is the world's largest international maritime exercise.
MCB Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii, a future Poseidon base, hosted two aircraft for the first time during the biennial Rim of the Pacific exercise held June 29 - August 3, 2012. The multi-national exercise provided complex mission scenarios for VX-1 crews to operationally test the P-8A.
P-3C Orion and P-8A Poseidon aircraft now share the flight line at NAS Jacksonville.
Conferences and events bring together some of the biggest names in the industry, presenting the latest aircraft and technologies to potential investors, buyers and operators.
P-8 запечатлен вместе с другими летательными аппаратами авиации ВМС США дальнего действия: тремя самолетами БПА P-3 и одним БЛА MQ-4C.
The first three Boeing P-81 Neptunes for the Indian Navy seen together at Boeing Field, Washington, for the handover of the first example to the service. The delivery was undertaken to conform to the timetable originally agreed with Boeing. From left to right they are IN321, IN320 and IN322.
The latest Indian Navy P-8I to come off the production line, N536DS (c/n 64891/8296, to become IN329), at Boeing Field, Seattle, Washington, on April 29, 2021. Unusually, the aircraft is devoid of any titles or other markings apart from the Indian roundel and has a small ‘Experimental’ sticker by the main cabin door
The Indian Navy’s next Boeing P-8A Neptune IN327 (N782DS) (c/n 40617), the eighth example for the service, made its first flight on November 4, 2014. It is seen here at Boeing Field, Seattle, shortly after touchdown.
ВМС Индии заказали 12 самолетов P-8I, плюс имеется опцион еще на 72 машин. В настоящее время ВМС Индии эксплуатируют противолодочные самолеты Ту-142М и Ил-38.
The ninth Indian Navy P-8I, IN328 ‘DAB’, climbs away from Boeing Field to begin its delivery flight on November 14, 2020.
P-8I позволит патрульной и противолодочной авиации ВМС Индии повысить свой боевой потенциал.
Самолет P-8I «Нептун» авиации ВМС Индии
17 июля 2012г. в Рентоне (США) поднялся в воздух второй из заказанных ВМС Индии самолетов дальней морской разведки и ПЛО Boeing P-8I. Самолет создан на базе пассажирского Boeing 737-800NG. Всего Индия заказала 8 таких машин
On September 9, 2014 the fifth Boeing P-8I Neptune for the Indian Navy departed Boeing Field/King County International Airport in Washington on its delivery flight. The aircraft (IN324/‘ARK', c/n 40614, ex N720DS) arrived at Indian Naval Ship Rajali, Arakkonam in Tamil Nadu, where it joins the four delivered earlier. The Neptunes are operated alongside the Tupolev Tu-142ME Bear-Fs with Indian Naval Air Squadron 312 ‘Albatross'. An order for eight P-8Is (plus options) was signed on January 1, 2009, with the first flying on September 28, 2011. It was flown to India on May 11, 2013, and inducted into service with the navy four days later. Another P-8I will be delivered before the end of this year, with the final two following in 2015.
Boeing P-8I Neptune N535DS (c/n 40612) conducting a test flight at Boeing Field/King County International Airport, Washington, on August 4, 2013. The aircraft was devoid of the Indian Navy markings and serial (IN332) it has previously worn, but 'P8' had been added to its tail and nose. The reason for the change has not been revealed.
Royal Australian Air Force P-8A Poseidon A47-001 in the markings of 11 Squadron, flies over the St Vincent Gulf near Adelaide in South Australia.
Royal Australian Air Force 11 Squadron P-8A Poseidon A47-006 loaded with two ATM-84J Harpoon training rounds during a training sortie over the Southern Ocean.
The Royal Australian Air Force has recently taken delivery of its tenth P-8A Poseidon and has announced that it will shortly deploy single aircraft to the Persian Gulf and Japan.
Royal Australian Air Force personnel from 11 Squadron load an ATM-84J Harpoon on to the P-8A Poseidon aircraft at Marine Corps Base Hawaii, during RIMPAC 2018.
The third RAF Poseidon MRA1 to arrive in the UK, ZP803, kicks up spray from the wet runway as it lands at RAF Lossiemouth, Moray, to complete its delivery flight from the USA on the evening of October 14, 2020
The first P-8A for the RAF, serial number ZP801, will be delivered to the UK in early 2020 after being used to support training in the United States.
THE RAF'S first Boeing P-8A Poseidon MRA1, serial ZP801 (c/n 64175/7532), named Pride of Moray, has landed on UK soil.
INITIAL OPERATING Capability (IOC) of the RAF's Boeing P-8A Poseidon MRA1 maritime patrol aircraft fleet was formally announced on April 1, 2020.
30 июля 2009г.: из цеха предприятия "Boeing" в Рентоне выкачен первый самолет БПА Boeing P-8A Poseidon, предназначенный для ВМС США. В том же году первые полеты совершили: 25 апреля - первый прототип, второй прототип - 5 июня, третий прототип - 23 сентября.
P-8 спроектирован на базе планера надежного авиалайнера Boeing 737, что снизило риски и стоимость создания новой машины.
P-8 Poseidon mission system installation and testing takes place at a facility located at Boeing Field in Seattle.
P-8 output will shortly increase to around one and a half aircraft per month as Boeing moves from Low Rate Initial Production to Full Rate Production.
A Naval Aircrewman unloads a sonobuoy from the rack onboard a P-8A Poseidon.
Противолодочная торпеда Mk.54
Aviation Ordnancemen load an AGM-84K SLAM-ER missile on a P-8A Poseidon in preparation for a conventional weapons technical proficiency inspection.
Aviation ordnancemen assigned to VP-4 load a Mk54 torpedo on a P-8A Poseidon aircraft during a proficiency exercise on Kadena Air Base, Okinawa Japan.
Aviation Ordnancemen move an Mk54 torpedo from a P-8A assigned to Air Test and Evaluation Squadron 1 (VX-1) ‘Pioneers' at Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Maryland.
An aviation ordnanceman uses the controller functions of an MHU-83 to load a AGM-84D Harpoon missile to a P-8A Poseidon aircraft during a proficiency exercise at Kadena Air Base, Okinawa, Japan.
Sailors assigned to Patrol Squadron 4 (VP-4) use a MHU-83 Munitions Handling Unit to load a AGM-84D Harpoon missile onto a P-8A Poseidon aircraft during a proficiency exercise at Kadena Air Base, Okinawa, Japan during the squadron's deployment to the US 7th Fleet area of operation.
The new pod-mounted countermeasures system being installed on VX-20 P-8A Poseidon 167953 '953' at Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Maryland, on March 12, 2021
Многоцелевой патрульный самолет на базе B-737
Базовый патрульный самолет P-8I "Посейдон"
A High Altitude Anti-Submarine Weapon Capability (HAAWC) torpedo was released from a P-8A Poseidon during safe separation testing. The HAAWC is an add-on kit for the Navy’s Mk54 lightweight torpedo that allows the P-8A to release the weapon from high altitude.
15 мая 2013г. на индийскую военно-морскую базу Раджали прибыл самолет дальней морской разведки и противолодочной борьбы Boeing P-8I, первый из 8 заказанных Индией по контракту 2009 г. Как сказал президент Boeing Military Aircraft Крис Чедвик (Chris Chadwick), до конца года в Индию будет поставлено еще два таких самолета. Самолет P-8I является индийским вариантом P-8A Poseidon, который разработан "Боингом" для американского флота на основе пассажирского Boeing 737 Next-Generation. Конструкция P-8I доработана с учетом требований индийских военных. Некоторые системы, установленные на его борту, разработаны и произведены в Индии.
Наземная команда осматривает бомбоотсек «Посейдона»
Подкрыльевой пилон подвески вооружения
Станция направленных ИК-помех AN/AAQ-24(V) комплекса обороны самолета и детектор магнитных аномалий сгруппированы в хвостовой части «Посейдона»
Зона шахт сброса гидроакустических буев (правый борт)
The all-digital cockpit of the P-8A Poseidon.
Летчики «Посейдона» на своих рабочих местах
The P-8A’s cockpit resembles the 737 Next Generation’s, but it has an additional screen for tactical information and controls for the additional electronic equipment and air-to-air refuelling.
Controller panel
Crew members’ mission workstations are located on the left-hand side of the cabin.
Операторы заняты решением очередной вводной
The infrared picture of a ship provided by the Wescam MX-20HD during the training mission before CARAT.
An electronic warfare operator monitors his work station on a P-8A Poseidon during a search and rescue mission for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.
Подготовка гидроакустического буя к загрузке в револьверную установку
A US Navy Air Warfare Officer assigned to Patrol Squadron 26 removes a sonobouy from the rack in the aft cabin.
The first of nine Poseidon MRA1 maritime patrol aircraft for the UK will be handed over in October 2019.
Mission Set
Aircraft Layout