Jane's All the World Aircraft 1976
08 - Addenda
Typical operational load of the single-seat Jaguar International includes Matra 550 Magic air-to-air missiles on the overwing pylons, six underwing cluster bombs and a 264 Imp gallon (1,200 litre) underbelly fuel tank. Initial test flights of Jaguar S-3, a British single-seater re-engined with Adour Mk 804 turbofans, as specified for the Jaguar International, has confirmed a performance comparable to that expected from interceptors. Important improvements are offered in take-off performance, time-to-height and sustained g capability.
Lockheed P-3C Orion four-turboprop anti-submarine and maritime patrol aircraft
Minitat 360 deg rotatable Minigun turret installed under a Gazelle helicopter. The installation folds upward against the belly of the fuselage when not required for use, so providing ground clearance for take-off and landing
На коммерческом поприще CH-53 (или S-65C) не добился успеха. Этот вертолет был модифицирован НАСА для демонстрации его коммерческих возможностей, но машина оказалась слишком дорогой в эксплуатации.
Sikorsky CH-53 modified under NASA contract to demonstrate the commercial capabilities of the S-65 and to develop ride quality criteria for large VTOL aircraft
First take-off of the first Hawker Siddeley Super Trident 3B for CAAC on 9 July 1975
Manoeuvring the Supermarine S.5 replica on to its beaching trailer
Aerotec A-144 four-seat light aircraft
Dassault Falcon 10MER (Marine Entrainement Radar) aircraft ordered for fleet support instrument training, Super Etendard systems training and liaison duties with the Aeronavale
Production Government Aircraft Factories N22 Nomad preparing to land at the 1975 Paris Air Show
Prototype Dassault Mirage 50 fighter (SNECMA Atar 9K-50 turbojet engine)
Dassault Super Mirage proposal for the Avion de Combat Futur in its latest form
Wag-Aero CUBy, an updated version of the Piper Cub for construction by homebuilders
First production Saab SH 37 Viggen all-weather sea surveillance and attack aircraft, delivered to the Swedish Air Force on 19 June 1975
Sikorsky S-72 in fully-developed form, with fixed wings and turbofan cruise engines
Beechcraft C-12A utility transport (two 750 shp PT6A-38 turboprop engines) of the USAF
The U.S. Army has recently ordered another twenty Beechcraft C-12A transports, bringing its total to sixty. Illustrated is one of thirty earlier C-12As for the U.S.A.F.
Second prototype of the Mitsubishi FS-T2-KAI. Pod under fuselage houses test instruments
Prototype of the Cessna Model 404 Titan business commuter/cargo transport
Model of pre-production prototype version of RFB/Grumman American Fanliner
R.Piaggio P.166-BL2 demonstration aircraft (two 380 hp Lycoming IGSO-540-A1H engines)
Robin HR 100/4+2 six-seat light aircraft
Prototype of the Rutan VariEze two-seat lightweight sporting aircraft
Ted Smith Aerostar 4000
Prototype Heintz Mono Zenith
Berger FB2 single-seat homebuilt aircraft (125 hp Lycoming O-235 engine)
XT-001 prototype primary trainer built by the Self-Reliance Development Wing of the Philippine Air Force
Baker Special Aquarius single-seat Formula One racing aircraft
V2 second prototype of the Ahrens AR 124 single-seat 13 metre sailplane