Air Pictorial 1976-10
Possibly only the second Russian type to visit Farnborough, Antonov An-2 SP-DNP was support aircraft for the Poles
Operating a British Caledonian flight from New York into Newcastle on 4/8/76 was Overseas National's DC-8-21 NJ976P, wearing a colourful "Confederate" Bicentennial livery.
Sepecat Jaguar GR.1 XZ101 of No. 2 Squadron, R.A.F., based at Laarbruch, latest squadron to re-equip with the type in Germany. No. 2 specialises in photo-reconnaissance, while the other Jaguar squadrons have ground-attack as their primary task
Ju52/3m G-BECL, now at Blackbushe with Spanish Air Force code 406-2, is to be repainted in German marks;
В 1970-е годы на вооружение авиации ВМФ СССР поступили СВВП Як-38. Самолет получился не очень удачным - масса полезной нагрузки была небольшой, а аварийность высокой.
The photo, taken by the U.S. Navy in the Mediterranean, "Kiev" is recovering a fighter. These new views show clearly the hatch behind the cockpit with doors below which open when the two lift engines (installed in tandem) are operating. The single vectored-thrust engine (aft) has two nozzles and is the sole propulsion unit for forward flight. VTOL now appears to be the rule with no short take-offs observed so far. A two-seat version is confirmed, the crew being seated in tandem
Impression of the Lockheed L-100-50 Hercules project, a new stretched version with an 85.4 ft.-long cargo compartment; 20-ft. fuselage plug added ahead of the wing and 15-ft. plug aft. Payload is 60,000 lb.
Regular Birmingham visitor is Balkan - Bulgarian Airlines' new Tu-154B LZ-BTL, formerly SU-AXE of Egypt Air
Britten-Norman Firefighter G-BDHU in action. A new water-bombing version of the Islander, it can drop 176 gal of water in 2.5 sec. and can be equipped with an infra-red sensor to detect incipient forest fires. G-BDHU appeared at Farnborough
Islander G-BDDW/RP-C2146 in the livery of the Philippine Integrated National Police as (c/n.) "463";
Convair B-36D 44-92065 seen in the early 1950s
Dan-Air’s latest HS748 Series 2, G-BEBA, formerly DQ-FAL, at Newcastle 6/8/76 after initial appearances at Ringway 4/8/76 and Luglsgate 5/8/76.
On public days the flying display was opened by Leisure Sport’s Supermarine S.5 replica, G-BDFF, flown by John Hall and seen here with a famous Calshot landmark
The prototype Dassault Mystere/Falcon 50 trijet, F-WAMD, was rolled out at Bordeaux-Merignac on 4th September and is expected to fly early in November
Also passing through Newcastle on 17/8/76 was Cessna 340A D-IMMS, c/n. 0064, on delivery to Dusseldorf accompanied by Cessna 414 D-IEIK
The first Lockheed JetStar II. N5527L, taking off on its maiden flight at Marietta, Georgia, on 18th August. The aircraft is powered by four 3,700-lb. s.t. Garrett 731-3 turbofans
Turkish A.F. Viscount "430", ex TC-SEL, which arrived Stansted 26/7/76 for Aviation Traders overhaul with "246" and "431";
Interconair's Britannia 253, EI-BBY "Deidre",at Luton 8/76
De Havilland fly-by during the Shuttleworth display at Old Warden on 27th June, 1976. Formation consists of D.H.80 Puss Moth G-AEOA, D.H.89 Dragon Rapide G-AHGD, with D.H.83 Fox Moth G-ACEJ behind it, and D.H.82 Tiger Moth G-ANOH
Swedair produced two custom-built target-tugs, a Cessna FR.172, and this Learjet 24 (SE-DCW) with ventral T.T. pod
Boeing YC-14 01873, first of two prototypes built for the U.S.A.F.'s AMST competition, seen during its maiden flight from Seattle on 9th August
The U.S.A.'s first light twin-turbine civil helicopter, the Bell 222, N9988K, seen during its maiden flight on 13th August. Powered by two 650-s.h.p. Lycomings, it can seat up to ten people, cruises at 175 m.p.h. and has a range of 425 miles plus reserves
Brazil's new 6/8-seat pressurised executive turboprop, the Embraer EMB-121 Xingu. PP-ZXI, was rolled out at Sao Jose dos Campos on 19th August
Gerry Younger's Pitts S-1, CF-TRH, at Redhill 10/8/76 after its return from the World Aerobatic Championships at Kiev;
Miles Student G-APLK at Strathallan where it was flown by Duncan McIntosh ol Loganair during the Strathallan Aircraft Collection's annual air day on 17th July. It is reported that there has been a revival of interest in this economical jet trainer, which might be put into production if suitable orders are forthcoming
A scintillating aerobatic display was put on each day by one of the two F.F.A. AS.202/18A Bravos
Ag-Cat G-BDZF, shown at Wickenby 22/7/76, is the first British registered G.164B with 7 ft. increase in span and enlarged fin
The new SZD-45A Ogar motor glider G-BEBG at Booker 14/8/76;
Round-the-World flyer Don Taylor arrived at Yeadon from Abbotsinch on 8/8/76 in his Thorp T.18 N455DT, c/n. 455, and left next day for Munich
Antilles Air Boats' Sandringham 4, VP-LVE "Southern Cross", formerly JM715, ZK-AMH, VH-BRC and N158C, photographed at Poole Harbour 23/8/76. It arrived at Foynes, near Shannon, 8/7/76 and gave pleasure flights at Studland Bay, near Poole, 24-29/8/76
The first Sepecat Jaguar International flew at BAC Warton on 19th August, 1976. The 168th Jaguar assembled by BAC, it is temporarily registered G27-266. Ecuador and Oman have each ordered twelve "Internationals"
The prototype Scottish Aviation Bullfinch, G-BDOG, made its first flight at Prestwick on 20th August and later took part in the Farnborough display