Air Pictorial 1977-09
J.Rawlings, R.Lindsay - R.A.F. Royal Review
U.K. STRIKE/RECONNAISSANCE FORMATION - This comprised three Vulcans (one each from Nos. 27,35 and 617 Sqns.), two Canberras (Nos. 13 and 39 Sqns.), three Jaguars (Nos. 6, 41, 54 Sqns.), one Buccaneer (No. 208 Sqn.) and one Harrier T.2 (No. 1 Sqn.)
Buccaneer S.2 XW526 "Y" (code in black) of No. 16 Sqn., Laarbruch
R.A.F. GERMANY FORMATION - Phantom FGR. 2s of Nos. 19 and 92 Sqns, leading Buccaneers of Nos. 15 and 16 Sqns., Harriers of Nos. 3 and 4 Sqns., and Jaguars of Nos. 2, 14, 17, 20 and 31 Sqns. Every combat unit in the Command is represented here
MARITIME FORMATION - Five Nimrod MR.1s (Nos. 42. 120, 201, 203, 206 Sqns.), flanked by two Phantom FG. Is (No. 43 Sqn.) and with two Buccaneers (No. 12 Sqn.) at the rear. All units home-based except for No. 203 which is stationed in Malta
STATIC PARK - This view covers the entire static display and shows the three main lines of aircraft: (foreground) Lightnings, VC10, Harriers, Victors and Phantoms; (centre) Vulcans, Jaguars, Canadian A.F. CF-104, R.A.A.F. F-111C and R.N.Z.A.F. Hercules, facing a row of Puma, Wessex, Whirlwind and Gazelle helicopters; and (behind) Shackleton, Argosy, five Nimrods, four Hercules facing Communications aircraft (Andover, Pembroke, Devon) and trainers, with four Buccaneers and five Canberras at the end of the line
Canadian A.F. No. 441 Sqn. CF-104 104808
Reconnaissance Jaguar GR.1 XZ359 "M” of No. 41 Sqn. from Coltishall
Kinloss-based Nimrod XZ285 with No. 42 Sqn. fin badge
The flypast began (and ended) with the R.A.F Ensign being flown past the Queen, carried by Whirlwind HAR.10 XR453 of No. 2 F.T S., flanked by C.F.S. Gazelle HT.3s XX406 and XW898. In the background twenty-two Jet Provost T.5As in "25" formation (from No 1 F.T.S. and R.A.F. College Cranwell) start their run-in
Gazelle HT.3 XW862 of C.F.S. "chopper" element, Shawbury
No. 40 Sqn. Hercules NZ7002 represented New Zealand
AIR DEFENCE FORMATION - Two Victor K.2s (Nos. 55, 57 Sqns.), two Lightning F.6s (Nos. 5, 11 Sqns ), four Phantoms (Nos. 23, 29, 56, 111 Sqns.), three Canberras (T.17 of 360 Sqn., TT.18 of No. 7, B.2 of No. 100), preceded by an 8 Sqn. Shackleton (not illus.)
From Malta came Canberra PR.7 WJ825 of No. 13 Sqn., Luqa
Canberra E.15 WH964 of No. 100 Sqn., Marham - blue/yellow fin checks
Something the Queen didn't see! General Dynamics F-111C A8-143 of No. 6 Squadron. R.A.A.F., emitting a 30-ft. flame (deliberately) during its display on the public day, 30th July 1977
Argosy E.1 XR140, named "Jason", of No. 115 Sqn., Brize Norton
Andover CC 2 XS794 of No 32 Sqn.. Northolt (note hunting horn badge)
Jetstream T.1 XX494 "77" of Multi-Engine Training Sqn., Leeming
Victor K.2 XL191 of No. 55 Sqn., Marham (No. 57 Sqn. a/c behind)
No. 10 Squadron VC10 XV104 from Brize Norton on its way to Finningley
Vulcan B.2 XM605 of No. 101 Sqn., Waddington, with fin badge
No. 1 Sqn. Harrier T.2 XW271 (code "17") from Wittering
No. 11 Sqn. Lightning F.6 XR754 (C.O.s a/c), Binbrook
Dominie T.1 XS714 carries Cranwell's light-blue band (lower fin)
Newest type present was Hawk T.1 XX164 from C.F.S. Valley
From No. 2 F T.S., Shawbury, Whirlwind HAR.10 XP163
Yellow search and rescue Wessex HC.2 XR518 of No. 22 Sqn.
No. 72 Sqn. Wessex HC.2 XV723, whose home base is Odiham
No. 207 Squadron, Northolt, provided the oldest service aircraft in the display, Devon C.1/2 VP981, which is at least 28 years old
Finningley's resident No. 6 F.T.S. supplied this Jet Provost T.5B, XW324 coded "U", for the static park
Phantom FGR.2 XV464 of No. 56 Sqn., Wattisham - red/white checks
Phantom XV499 of No. 92 Sqn., Wildenrath - red/yellow checks
Also from Germany, No. 19 Sqn., Phantom XT896 - light-blue/white checks
Chipmunk T.10 WG407 of No. 9 Air Experience Unit
Hunter T.7 XL591 of No. 4 F.T.S. also based at Valley
Bulldog T.1 XX713 of Queen's U.A.S., Belfast