Air International 2018-10
Bulgarski Voenno Vzdushni Sili Su-25K 253 with its drag chutes extended after landing at Bezmer Air Base, home of the 22 Shturmova Aviacionna Basa (22.ShtAB or 22 Wing).
Russian Naval Aviation Su-30SMs from Saki Air Base, Crimea and Chernyakhovsk Air Base, Kaliningrad at Hmeimim Air Base, Syria.
Russian Naval Aviation Su-30SM 74 from the 72nd Aviation Base at Chernyakhovsk, Kaliningrad flies by Royal Netherlands Navy frigate HNLMS De Ruyter (F804).
An Su-30SM seconds from plugging into the aerial refuelling drogue extended from the under wing pod of IL-78M 50 Blue, RF-95275 during a mission over the Eastern Mediterranean.
This is a good shot of an A-10C's wing; the FY2019 NDAA allocated $144.2 million for the A-10 Wing Replacement Program.
US Army soldiers prepare to secure a sling to the lift hook of an UH-60M Black Hawk at Fort Riley, Kansas to lift a water bowser. The Latvian government is currently considering procurement of UH-60M Black Hawks.
Turkmenistan Airlines' Ilyushin Il-76TD EZ-F427 (c/n 1033418620) at Chalons Vatry Airport on a charter. The aircraft had arrived from Ashgabat as T53245 and left again for Ashgabat as T53246.
The Raptor, Typhoon and Hornet pilots that participated in the training pose for posterity to commemorate the first visit of fifth-generation aircraft to Albacete Air Base and the TLP.
Major Michael 'Deep' Frye, 95th FS weapons officer was one of the first participants of a TLP course at Albacete in 2012, at the time he flew F-15Es from RAF Lakenheath with the 48th Fighter Wing.
This is the first time that Spanish fighters took part in joint training with fifth­generation US Air Force fighters.
Starting next year, fifth-generation aircraft will be integrated into the TLP courses.
Albacete Air Base is getting ready to include fifth-generation aircraft in the TLP.
Airbus A380 JA381 (msn 262) rolls out from the Toulouse final assembly line. This aircraft will go to Hamburg for completion and painting in the Flying Honu livery.
The Il-114LL electronic warfare systems testbed aircraft RA-91003 is the only example of the type currently flying in Russia
The three Chinook HC5 helicopters deployed by the Royal Air Force to Gao, Mali, are now fully operational and flying missions for the benefit of the 4,500 strong French-led Barkhane counterterrorism force in the region.
All three RAF Chinook HC5s at Gao, and French troops wait to board an RAF Chinook.
An MV-22 Osprey, assigned to Air Test and Evaluation Squadron 21 (HX-21), demonstrates its ballast dump system while operating from the aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77).
An artist's impression of a CMV-22B carrier onboard delivery variant of the Osprey tiltrotor, the first of which is bound for San Diego's Naval Air Station North Island.
The first CL-415EAF conversion was scheduled to commence in September 2018.
Qantas has introduced the Boeing 787-9 into service, and the airline is assessing several other aircraft types for its future fleet needs.
The Koninklijke Luchtmacht MQ-9 Block 5s will have the same strengthened main landing gear as seen on this Holloman-based US Air Force MQ-9 Reaper from the 29th Attack Squadron.
Irish regional airline CityJet flies more Avro RJs than any other European operator.
E-11A 12-9506, the fourth aircraft, taxiing at Mildenhall in June 2018.
E-11A 11-9355 lacking national insignia on a visit to Mildenhall in April 2015; this aircraft also arrived at the Suffolk base on July 21 this year.
United Arab Emirates Air Force Global Express 6000 1325 takes off from Robin Hood Airport, Yorkshire, on its August 31, 2018 delivery flight.
The FY2019 NDAA included $1.2 billion for 66 AH-64E Apache Guardians like this one shown landing for fuel at Kunduz, Afghanistan operated by the 16th Combat Aviation Brigade.
Jamaican Defence Force Bell 429 JDF H-37, one of two delivered this summer.
A P=8A Poseidon assigned to Patrol Squadron 4 (VP-4) 'Skinny Dragons' at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island; ten P-8 aircraft are included in the FY2019 NDAA.
The last three Mirage 2000Ns in service with the Armee de I'Air (French Air Force) were delivered to France's military aircraft storage facility at BA279 Chateaudun on August 30, 2018, ending more than 30 years of service of the type. Two of the last three Mirage 2000Ns 357/125-CO wearing special marks and 335/125-CI arrive overhead Chateaudun on August 30. The third jet was 348/125-AL. The special markings applied to aircraft 357 were applied to mark the retirement of the type. Escadron de Chasse 2/4, its former unit, now flies the Rafale.
E-11A 11-9001 landing at Mildenhall on September 3, 2018, showing the various external system fairings.
An E-4B NAOC aircraft at Travis Air Force Base, California.
Magyar Legiero (Hungarian Air Force) Airbus A319 605 (msn 3865) seen at RAF Waddington, Lincolnshire during a crew training mission from its home station on August 24, 2018. The aircraft is one of two former commercial frames operated by the Magyar Legierd's Airlift Squadron Teve' based at the 59th Air Base, Kecskemet. Both aircraft were delivered to the Magyar Legiero in January 2018.
Flybe has unveiled a revised livery, in evidence on Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 G-JECP (c/n 4136) at Exeter Airport on September 10, 2018. The new livery is designed to be simpler and more streamlined than the previous purple livery that was only introduced in 2014, and around ten aircraft a year are to be repainted with the colours as they pass through maintenance.
Atlas Air Boeing 747-400 N322SG (c/n 30322) touches down at Manchester. The aircraft was returning from Miami with Manchester United FC players and staff following their pre-season tour of the United States.
The first CH-53K King Stallion taxis across the flight line at Marine Corps Air Station New River, North Carolina on May 16, 2018. The King Stallion has several upgrades over the legacy aircraft including a digital glass cockpit and fly-by-wire controls, can externally transport 27,000lb over 110 nautical miles and has a max external lift of 36,000lb, three times that of the legacy CH-53E.
Lightning ZM136 of 17 Squadron at Edwards Air Force Base, California, loaded with an ASRAAM on the wing-mounted pylon.
Virgin Australia has amended its order for the Boeing 737 MAX, converting ten orders for the 737 MAX 8 for the larger 737 MAX 10 variant.
Stratolaunch, which will be the world's largest aircraft, will be capable of launching four vehicles.
MQ-25 deck handling demonstration at Boeing's St Louis facility earlier this year.
At 251ft 9in (76.7m), the 777-9 will be the longest widebody airliner ever built by Boeing. This photo shows the folding wingtips that will be extended and retracted for flight operations.
A miserably bland looking KC-46A Pegasus at Edwards Air Force Base, California on May 23, 2018, arriving at the Air Force Test Center for another phase of flight testing.