Air International 2011-01
Sukhoi Su-25 '06' white is seen undergoing overhaul at the 121 ARZ, Kubinka, at the time of the facility's 70th anniversary.
As AIR International went to press this month, Joint Force Harrier was preparing for the cessation of flying. On December 15, 2010 a ceremony to mark the event was due to be held at RAF Cottesmore, Rutland. In addition to specially marked aircraft from Nos 1(F) and 4(R) Squadrons of the RAF and No.800 NAS of the Fleet Air Arm, to mark the end of flying operations by the type Harrier GR9 ZG506 has been painted in a 'retro' scheme reminiscent of the original colours applied to the GR1s when they entered service. The aircraft, seen here at its home base on December 13, also carries the titles 'Nov 1960 - Dec 2010' on its tail, recording the flying career of the type. (The Hawker P.1127 first flew on November 19, 1960, and was produced for operational evaluation as the Kestrel FGA1 before it was adopted for frontline service with the RAF as the Harrier.) Following the ceremony, the Harrier fleet will be stored at RAF Cottesmore until their final fates are decided.
A Sea King records the final movements of Harriers aboard a Royal Navy ship.
A final salute and the Harriers depart for RAF Cottesmore.
Lt Cdr James Blackmore is the last to leave, accelerating along Ark Royal's deck in Harrier GR9 ZG477.
The first Brazilian Orion upgraded by Airbus Military at Getafe, Madrid, is seen here in 1°/7° GAV colours during a test flight on November 26, 2010.
The second prototype of the Mi-38 completed its maiden flight nearly seven years after the first.
Tupolev Tu-134A-3 UR-65718 (c/n 63668) was an interesting recent visitor to Budapest Ferihegy Airport in Hungary. The aircraft is operated by Ukraine Air Enterprise on behalf of the Ukrainian Government and is seen on November 23, 2010 departing the airport.
E-2D Advanced Hawkeye BuNo 167929 is seen departing NAS Patuxent River, Maryland, on November 30, 2010. The aircraft is undergoing Initial Operational Test and Evaluation with Air Test and Evaluation Squadron 1 (VX-1) 'Pioneers' based at of its Patuxent River. The US Navy currently plans to acquire enough E-2Ds to equip each carrier air wings with one squadron, plus a training unit. The type will replace the E-2C and features an active electronically scanned array.
Ethiopian Airlines has taken delivery of the 900th Boeing 777. The airliner (777-260LR ET-ANN, c/n 40770) was handed over on November 17, 2010, and is the first of five ordered by the carrier in July 2009. It first flew on October 28. The type will be used on Ethiopian's new non-stop service from Addis Abada to Washington, DC, as well as to Beijing in China and other routes. At the time the airliner was handed over Boeing had received 1,165 orders for the 777 from 61 customers.
Bombardier CRJ900ER NextGen (CL-600-2D4) 5A-LAM (c/n 15257) arrived at Manchester Airport on December 7, 2010 from Keflavik in Iceland on its delivery flight to Libyan Airlines. The regional airliner night-stopped at Manchester before departing for Tripoli the next day. It is the first of an order from the airline revealed by the manufacturer on October 7. The second of the three new aircraft (5A-LAN, c/n 15258) was test flown as C-GIBO and took up it Libyan identity on December 7 prior to being handed over.
The first example of the Embraer EMB-190BJ Lineage 1000 delivered to a European customer touched down at London Oxford Airport, Oxfordshire, at 1000hrs on November 26, 2010. The aircraft (G-RBNB, c/n 19000203, ex PT-SGL) is operated by Hangar8 and is the first to be based outside of the United Arab Emirates. It is configured for 19 passengers in five cabin zones, including a lounge area and a separate master bedroom suite with a full-sized double bed and private shower facilities. Hangar8, based at London Oxford Airport, offers VIP charters and aircraft management services. Formed in 2002, it has a fleet of around 20 business aircraft.
RNLAF No.336 Squadron C-130H G-988 Willem den Toom seen during the naming ceremony at Eindhoven Air Base on November 19, 2010.
Seen on approach to Getafe outside Madrid in Spain on November 15, 2010 is Tupolev Tu-154M-ON (Otkrytoye Nebo, open skies) RA-85655 (c/n 89A798). The aircraft is operated by the Y A Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center as a ferry aircraft for its space programme, but also serves as one of the Russian Open Skies aircraft. The Treaty on Open Skies allows signatories to conduct aerial surveillance missions over other member nations after prior notice to allow verification of military activities to be established.
Pilatus PC-21 c/n 128 is the first of 25 for the UAE. It is seen lifting off for the first time on November 22, 2010.
Mil Mi-17 418 is seen picking up water while conducting fire-fighting operations on the Stara Pining Mountain in November 2010.
The third IAI/Beriev A-50Ehl Phalcon AWACS for the Indian Air Force (KW-3553, c/n 2053421736) is seen on approach to Ben Gurion International Airport, Tel Aviv, in Israel on November 3, 2010, after making its maiden flight following modification. The third aircraft is the last of the original order and will be delivered in 2011. India has plans to order up to nine additional examples.
Airbus A320-211 5H-MWH of Air Guinee International is seen at Dinard/Pleurtuit-St Malo on November 20, 2010. The airliner previously flew with Air Tanzania and Air Jamaica (as 6Y-JAJ and N630AJ).
Pictured is Boeing 787, N787EX, designated by the manufacturer as ZA002, which is the Dreamliner that suffered the in-flight fire.
Peruvian Navy Fokker 60 Utility AE566 (c/n 20329, ex RNLAF U-04) makes a final low pass over Woensdrecht Air Base in the Netherlands on December 3, 2010, before commencing its delivery flight to Peru.
Noted arriving at Malta International Airport on November 28, 2010 was Dassault Falcon 900B V5-NAM (c/n 103) operated by Government Air Transport Service on behalf of the President of Namibia. The aircraft is due to be replaced by a larger Falcon 7X ordered in March 2009 and due for delivery in 2011.
Twin Otter Srs 300 C-FBBA (c/n 276, ex 8Q-MAK) of Sri Lankan Air Taxi was noted a Hamburg Airport on November 22, 2010. The aircraft arrived from Keflavik in Iceland and departed for Budapest Ferihegy International Airport in Hungary on the same day. It was previously operated by Kenn Borek Air of Calgary-Springbank, Canada, and is seen here on its delivery flight to Sri Lankan Air Taxi.
Reims-Cessna F337G 13729 is seen after been overhauled for the Mozambique Air Force. It is due to be delivered before the end of 2010.
Aircraft 08-27014 was the first C-27J Joint Cargo Aircraft (JCA) to be delivered to the 179th Airlift Wing, Ohio Air National Guard and is seen at Mansfield in September 2010.
The first three EC725 Cougars were handed over to the Brazilian Government recently in the presence of Eurocopter President, Lutz Bertling. Known as the UH-15 by the Brazilian armed forces, the first example (N-7101, seen here) has been transported to the Helibras facilities in Itajuba, Minas Gerais state, for delivery to the Brazilian Navy by the end of the year.
CASA C212 Aviocar EC-LJH (c/n 261, ex TR.12D-77) is one of six that formerly served with Ala 37 of the Ejercito del Aire (Spanish Air Force). The aircraft was recently transferred to INAER, but will continue to be operated on behalf of the Agenda Tributaria (tax agency).
RUAG delivered the first new generation Dornier Do 228NG to a European customer on November 29, 2010. The aircraft was handed over at the company's plant at Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany, to the Norwegian special purpose carrier Lufttransport AS based in Tromso. It already operates two Do 228-200s, providing cargo and passenger services for mining companies in the Arctic regions of Norway and to the island of Spitzbergen. The aircraft (c/n 8301) is the second RUAG Do 228NG delivered, the first going to Central Aviation of Japan.
Bulgarian Border Police AW139 520, still wearing its pre-delivery registration I-RAIX. It was delivered on November 27, 2010.
Carrier Air Wing 1 (CVW-1) embarked on the USS Enterprise (CVN 65) in early December 2010 to complete its final period of at-sea work-up training before deployment in early 2011. Strike Fighter Squadron 11 (VFA-11) 'Red Rippers' and VFA-211 'Checkmates' are both assigned to CVW-1 and operate the two-seat F/A-18F Super Hornet. BuNo 166628/'AB100' of VFA-11 'Red Rippers' is seen at NAS Oceana in late-November in special markings.
F/A-18F Super Hornet BuNo 165533/'03’ in the markings of the US Navy Test Pilot School (USNTPS), seen at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland, on November 30, 2010. The school received its first F/A-18F on July 15, 2009, after transferring its aging fleet of five F/A-18B Hornets to other units. USNTPS students fly the Super Hornet to assess advanced flying qualities and to train on integrated tactical systems. In the future the aircraft will be painted in the traditional all over white colour scheme of the USNTPS.
Carrier Air Wing 1 (CVW-1) embarked on the USS Enterprise (CVN 65) in early December 2010 to complete its final period of at-sea work-up training before deployment in early 2011. Strike Fighter Squadron 11 (VFA-11) 'Red Rippers' and VFA-211 'Checkmates' are both assigned to CVW-1 and operate the two-seat F/A-18F Super Hornet. BuNo 166608/'AB200' of VFA-211 'Checkmates' is seen at NAS Oceana in late-November in special markings.
AgustaWestland AW159 Wildcat ZZ402 (TI3, c/n 464) completed its maiden flight at Yeovil in Somerset on November 19, 2010. A range of general handling checks were undertaken during the flight, without any unforeseen occurrences. The helicopter is the last Wildcat to fly that will participate in the 600-hour test programme. TI3's main tasks include undertaking load survey tests and naval development, and incorporate ship helicopter operating limit trials. On November 19 all three of the trials fleet were airborne at the same time.
The Shahed 285 is being developed in three versions. This example is a 285A armed with a 7.62mm machine-gun and seven-round 70mm rocket pods.
An F/A-18E Super Hornet of VFA-136 'Nighthawks' is pictured just about to land on the USS Enterprise on December 7, 2010 during a work-up for the carrier's final deployment.
F/A-18C BuNo 163745/'45' operated by Strike Fighter Squadron 106 (VFA-106) 'Gladiators' seen at NAS Oceana, Virginia, on November 30, 2010.
At least two of No.84 Squadron's Bell Griffin HAR2s based at RAF Akrotiri on Cyprus have been involved in fighting the large fires raging in Israel in late November and early December 2010. ZJ705 is seen equipped with a fire-fighting bucket picking up water off the coast of Israel. Other foreign aircraft used in the operation include Hellenic Air Force Bombardier 415s and Turkish Aeronautical Association Canadair CL215s.
Shahed 278 SN-3121 of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Navy is seen at Kish on November 11, 2010.