Air Pictorial 1977-11
On 20th August 1977 BAC/Aerospatiale Concorde 01 G-AXDN, the first pre-production aircraft, was flown into Duxford for preservation by the Duxford Aviation Society in co-operation with the Imperial War Museum
This year's Army Air Day, held at Middle Wallop on 6th August 1977, began with a massed arrival of ten fixed-wing aircraft (Chipmunks) and sixty-five helicopters. Front row: Basic Fixed-Wing Flight Chipmunks, Canadian A.F. Kiowas, German Army MBB BO 105Cs and Bell UH-1Ds. 2nd row: Gazelles from the Basic Rotary-Wing Flight and No. 2 Flight. 3rd row: Bristow Bell 47Gs, Scouts from the Advanced Rotary-Wing Flight. 4th row: Alouettes of Nos. 6 and 14 Flights, sundry Sioux and Scouts. 5th row: I.F.T.U. Lynx and and R.A.F. No. 230 Squadron Puma landing
One of three firsts on the British register seen at Cranfield 1/9/77 was long-range Jet Ranger 206L, G-BFAL.
Displaying new nationality markings, SF.260W Warrior D6-ECE, seen at the Vergiate Air Display in Italy on 19/6/77, is one of three ordered by the Comores Islands to establish an Air Arm for the former French Colony
Typifying today's R.A.F. all-weather fighter operations, this photo was taken over the North Sea in May 1977 by the crew of a Phantom FGR.2 of No. 111 Squadron, Leuchars, ordered to investigate a "snooper" (photo), which turned out to be a Russian Tupolev Tu-95 "Bear-D" maritime reconnaissance and missile-guidance aircraft
Left: Enlargement of tail section blister shows Russian crewman holding something up. Right: Further enlargement shows that it is a Pepsi Cola bottle
On 16th August 1977 the Duxford collection was augmented by SAAB 35 Draken 131-351075 "40" which has been donated by the Swedish A.F
Royal Saudi A.F. C-130H 1615, c/n. 4745, arrived at Shannon on 14/8/77 and departed three days later to complete its delivery flight to Jeddah.
First of two Lockheed C-130H Hercules to be delivered to the Bolivian A.F., TAM-90 has recently shifted 230 tons of earthmoving equipment from La Paz to Rurrenabaque in the Amazon Basin during a 17-day shuttle operation
Euroair's Biggin Hill-based Islander G-BDWG is the 700th Islander to be delivered
First of three Britten-Norman BN-2A-21 Defenders, OA1, for the Botswana Defence Force, which will use them for border patrol, casualty evacuation and communications
PBY-5A N4760C of Geoterrex Surveys, with modified rudder and magnetometer tail-boom, diverted to Gatwick from Nantes on 20/8/77.
Lysander 3, G-BCWL, with taped-on registration at Booker 23/6/77;
Laker Airways started their Gatwick - New York Skytrain service on 26th September 1977, with McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30 G-AZZC "Eastern Belle"
British-built: The Morgan Crucible Company’s Jetstream 2, G-BBYM, at Newcastle 8/9/77
World Carpet Corporation's JetStar 6 N3080 nightstopped at Yeadon on 4/9/77 in connection with the Harrogate Carpet Fair
The new Aer Turas Britannia 253F, EI-BDC, ex XL639, was a Luton visitor 3/9/77
First of twenty Embraer EMB-110K1 Bandeirantes, 2280, for the Brazilian A.F. A new stretched version, it can carry up to 19 paratroops or 3,868 lb. or cargo
Above Short Sunderland V ML824 on display outside the R.A.F. Museum, Hendon
Sunderland ML 796 shown in French Navy colours as "50S-3" when on display at La Baule
Sunderland ML 796 shown in French Navy colours as "50S-3" in pieces during its journey to Duxford in 1976
Air Commodore A. H. Wheeler near Old Warden in his Tiger Moth G-ADGV, beautifully restored at Rush Green in the Brooklands black and red which it wore as a new aeroplane at No. 6 F.T.S., Sywell, from 1935 until impressed 9/40 as BB694. After four years with No. 29 E.F.T.S. at Clyffe Pypard, Wilts., it was stored at Stretton 1946-55 and used finally by the Royal Navy at Exeter and elsewhere
Tiger Moth G-BEWN, formerly the well known Norfolk-based VH-WAL, at Rochester 24/9/77 for the Esso Aerobatic Competition;
New among the foreign visitors were two German Army MBB BO 105Cs (S.70 "82+95" illus.) from the Versorgungsstaffel, a trials unit, based at Celle
Basset G-BCJE (at Biggin Hill since 1975 as ZP-PJY and recently re-registered G-BEXT) became N206SS for U.S.A. delivery 9/77.
One of three firsts on the British register seen at Cranfield 1/9/77 was Cessna 404 Titan Cruiser II G-BEMX
The prototype CASA C-101 jet trainer, which made its first flight on 27th June 1977, seen during recent tests. Spanish A.F. initial order will be for sixty aircraft
New hangar at Old Warden built by Atcost (Midland) Ltd. to house some of the historic aircraft of the Shuttleworth Collection - Blackburn Monoplane parked in front
The Isle of Skye Airstrip near Broadford, with Loganair Trislander G-BDOS, the terminal building and fire tender garage, 26th September 1977
One of three firsts on the British register seen at Cranfield 1/9/77 was Aerostar G-BEJZ
The Anderson-Greenwood-designed Bellanca Aries T-250, N51AG
Koolhoven FK-33 with Dutch registration H-NADD. Note third engine mounted on aircraft's back
Spanish-built: CASA 2-111 transport N72615, with G-BDYA painted out, at Prestwick 24/9/77 en route to the Confederate Air Force piloted by Neil Williams who reached Keflavik 25/9/77
CASA 2-111 bomber, N99230, also for the C.A.F., after arrival at Blackbushe from Spain 9/77