Air Pictorial 1968-11
The Liberator undercarriage leg and wheel which were dug up at Reydon in August
BAC/Sud Concorde 002, G-BSST, surrounded by the people who built her, photographed shortly alter roll-out at Filton on 12th September.
BAC/Sud Concorde 002, G-BSST, the second prototype, being rolled out of the main assembly hall at Filton on 12th September. It is now expected that 001 will fly at Toulouse in December or January, and 002 about six weeks later
After roll-out, Concorde 002 was taken to Filton's new ?400,000 engine-running base. Tail is covered with acoustic protection for ground tests
Mr. Gerdessen's photo of the restored Mustang at the Dutch Air Force Museum at Soesterberg.
Transair Sweden Boeing 727 SE-DDA "Sunjet" at Exeter
Britten-Norman BN-2S turbo-supercharged Islander with 300-h.p. R-R Continentals
Skyvan 3 VH-PNI, first for Papuan Airlines, was also at Farnborough
Full-scale mock-up of Cessna's new Fanjet 500
Lightning F.53 G-AWON
Two BAC 167s, 902/G-27-9/167-102 (G-AWOR) and G-AWOS
Flown recently at Cartierville, 116801 is the first two-seat Canadair CF-5B for the Canadian Armed Forces; about 115 'Bs and 'As are on order
Pup Ser. 2 G-AWKK at Farnborough 18/9/68, seconds before the side panels were stripped off to reveal U.S. markings N557MA;
The first McDonnell Douglas DC-9-20 flew on 18th September. For short-field operations, it combines the short fuselage of the -10 with the high-lift wing of the -30 and has 14,500-lb. s.t. Pratt & Whitney JT8D-9s
Three BAC Lightning T.55 two-seat trainers for the R. Saudi A.F., which has ordered six, plus thirty-four F.53s
Mitchell N9089Z being repainted at Southend as HD368 of No. 98 Squadron, R.A.F.
BAC Jet Provost T.5 XS231 in the proposed new markings for R.A.F. Training Command aircraft: white-topped fuselage and fin with dayglo red undersides; wings and tailplane in polyurethane grey. The first prototype, XS230, first flew on 28th February 1967 and the type will enter R.A.F. service next year. Upwards of one hundred of these pressurised versions of the T.4 (note more bulbous cabin) are expected to be ordered
XT891, one of the first McDonnell Douglas F-4M Phantom FGR.2s delivered to the R.A.F. and now in service with No. 228 O.C.U. at Coningsby. This machine was exhibited in the static park at Farnboro'
XT891, one of the first McDonnell Douglas F-4M Phantom FGR.2s delivered to the R.A.F. and now in service with No. 228 O.C.U. at Coningsby. This machine was exhibited in the static park at Farnboro'
Beagle 206 Ser. 2 G-AVCG bearing Hunting Survey titles and just back from arduous aerial photo work in Libya, was shown at Farnborough where twelve were ordered by the Argentine, Australia and Brazil
Lego Bricks' Cessna 421 OY-DNL at Gatwick.
Gulf Aviation's Queen Air 80 G-AVDS by its hangar at Bahrein
Cessna F-150 for 1969
In the film 'You Only Live Twice' Bond made his escape, as always, incredibly. On this occasion he fought his way out in a Wallis Gyroplane. In real life, Shell-Mex and B.P. Ltd are helping W Cdr. Wallis establish new records in the same type of aircraft. It's the kind of partnership we enjoy. Pioneering. Exclusive. Remarkable. It may only take 5 gallons to get the Gyroplane to 15,000 plus, but who's complaining? We also fuel Concorde.
Impression of the Fairchild-Hiller Swearingen Metro
Piper PA-31 Navajo XB-HEX which arrived at Gatwick from Scandinavia 19/9/68 and later visited Kidlington, Speke and Dublin
Pou du Ciel G-AEBB at the Shuttleworth Air Pageant, Old Warden 8/9/68
The prototype Dassault MD-320 Hirondelle twin-turboprop light transport, F-WPXB, made its first flight at Bordeaux on 11 th Sept. 1968. It seems likely to replace French A.F. Flamants
Photo (with Boeing 707 for scale) of the CAMCO V-liner. Weighing just over 4 tons, it will incorporate 2,193 ft. of aluminium tubing, 40 miles of wiring and 3,348 bulbs
Granger Archaeopteryx G-ABXL, built at Nottingham 1926-30 and flown at Hucknall 1930-35, was on view at the Shuttleworth Air Pageant, Old Warden 8/9/68
Storey T.S.R3 G-AWIV at Tollerton 24/8/68;
Piper PA-17 Vagabond G-AWOH, ex-F-BFMY, at Panshanger 22/9/68.
Latest addition to Ecuador's Navy, which possesses one Cessna Skynight, is this Cessna 177, serial AN-201
The prototype Vickers 1000 which was about 80 per cent complete when the project was cancelled
A model of the Vickers 1000.